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UPDATES 01-09-2013

First of all Happy New Year to all our members.

It has been a while since my last post and ZombieTron thought it was time to do some work on the site so here we go...

UPDATES 22-09-2012

It's been a while since the last update so yesterday I finally got around to updating the site and applying all relevant security fixes. Quite a few bugs have been fixed but probably nothing anyone will notice smiley

UPDATES 01-05-2012

As it is BurnoutAholics.com's birthday today I had to add a new feature to the site. 

  • Comments can now be voted up and down (requested by SUFFUR).

That is it! See you online in Burnout Revenge!

The Next Burnout Title...? My perfect Burnout!

So what would I like the next Burnout Title to be like?

UPDATES 20-03-2012

Not a lot to report today.

Added a Hall of Shame to publicly out spammers. Their name, e-mail, IP address and location is logged. The information can be found here: Hall of Shame . Do whatever you want with it.

One bug was introduced with the last update where @s were converted into twitter links. This totally messed up the posts and has now been disabled.

That is it for now. Have fun.

UPDATES 18-03-2012

We had 10 minutes of downtime this morning as I was upgrading the site to the latest version of Drupal ( version 6.25). The update contained a whole bunch of security related fixes. 

As I was upgrading the site I also installed the latest version of the text editor. Again mostly security related fixes + one feature I know some people will like. The editor now has spell checking! Also note that we are no longer accepting HTML formatted text to be pasted in to our text editor.

UPDATES 24-09-2011

We have now added leaderboards for Burnout CRASH! There are leaderboards for each level so when we have added them all there will be 9 x 6 = 54 in total. I addition to this we have added a Masters of CRASH! leaderboard that is calculated from the total of all your CRASH! scores. This is the ultimate leaderboard for Burnout CRASH! and will tell us who is the best of the best.

I've done some minor adjustments to the leaderboards this afternoon. The completion percentage is now showing correctly.

UPDATES 07-09-2011

Just want to give you the heads up on some minor updates to our site and our latest ad-campaign.

  • Comments can be viewed by anonymous users.
  • New Burnout CRASH! forum
  • Site information updated

We have been given a free ad-campaign from google adwords and you might see adverts for BurnoutAholics.com on various websites you visit. The campaign will be running for about 3 months.

Here is a example of what it might look like:


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