MIA - What have we all been up to?

So funny now the site is back up and I have a few minutes and find myself signed in, I'm seeing comments from Alex from 4 years ago, that I swear I haven't seen before!

They were posted not long after we got married and BurnoutAholics was way down on my list of priorities.

Sorry I abandoned you BurnoutAholics!

We now have two kids, our eldest is 9 and the little one is fast approaching 3, and I have been spending my online time in Baby forums.

But now mine aren't babies anymore, so maybe I can shift back into gaming?

What have you lot been up to? Any good games I should know about that are easy to pick up and put down? Danger Zones are top of my list...but I haven't gotten around to playing much still.

You will have seen Xandu on the leaderboards if you play on Xbox though!