Calling all Burners - are you still out there?

I'll be online for some Dangerous Driving...

Let me know if you want to Race?

Tell me your Gamertags....

ZombieTron's picture

Well, I'm still ZombieTron and Xandu is still Xandu… but I don't play anymore :( and Xandu can be found on Rocket League with a couple of other old school burners we know.

And we clearly very rarely come back to check on our website too, as Xandu just told me this morning that you posted like months ago!!

Hope you are good, we are looking forward to seeing what you are working on now, as I will try it out & buy it, even if I won't play lots as my TV and Xbox have been taken over by kids so are mostly used to watch Paw Patrol or play Minecraft and Kinect Party!

Always lovely to hear from you... even if we might not see the message for months!

Take care, Tammy :)