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Trucks in Paradise?

Check out the picture below that was taken of an little incident that happened in Norway today. The big rigs got totally jammed and when they tried to reverse out of the situation their wheels got totally destroyed. I wonder how the driver to the left got out of his cab? An of course there were miles and miles of tailbacks on each side... wonder how they cleared road?


Free 512 mem card?

If you are one of the (un)lucky owners of XBox 360 Core or Arcade package Microsoft is now actually giving away 512 MB Memory Units for free! You can also get at 20GB Hard Drive for 20USD. Check out http://www.xboxstorageupgrade.com/ for more details on the offer.

The reason for all this is of course the new Xbox Experience which will require at least 128 MB of memory. Make sure you have less space than this available on your xbox before you register on the website.

The new XBox Experience...

If you haven't already heard the news the new XBox Live Experience will be available on November 19th 2008.

This news was revealed by John Schappert (Corporate Vice President of Xbox LIVE, Services and Software) at his Tokyo Game Show keynote.

Updates 2008-10-09

Since our coverage of most of the Burnout games are now available from the Primary menu I decided that it was time to write an introduction page for each game that was missing one.

I have now created a new front page for Burnout Paradise giving access to most of the content we have on the game. The background picture on the page is taken from the Criterion Games fansite pack.
I have also fixed the news page so it only shows news related to Burnout Paradise and no longer mixes in poll, faqs etc.

Updates 2008-10-07

Another cool feature has now been added. BurnoutAholics.com now has its own account on flickr.com and the profile is easily accessible from the flickr badge in the left sidebar.

Pictures from events, meet-ups etc. will be added as we get new content.

Edit: Also added a block showing our total number of active members at the bottom of the page.
Edit 2: Non members can no longer see "who is online" and "who is new".

Updates 2008-10-05

I've done a couple of minor changes this morning. Here is the list:

Not quite R&R time yet...

OK, I just had to do one more update

Check out the middle of the right side bar! We are now bringing you the last five news stories from Criterion Games.  Clicking on any of the stories takes you straight to CriterionGames.com!

Is that cool or what?

Edit: This is available to members only.

Updates 2008-10-04

We have some really exciting news for you today!

This morning I upgraded our forums and they now have a new look! This makes them more like other forums that you may be used to. Here is a list of the major changes.


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