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Updates 2008-10-03

You may have noticed that the site has changed a bit today . Here is a list of some of the changes:

Bike Pack - First Impressions

After racing the streets of Paradise City on two wheels for about 5 hours I must say that the Bikes are a cool addition to Paradise City. So far I've done all the Burning and Midnight rides, the 128 time road rules and about half of the online challenges. I've unlocked all the bikes and some other goodies (when I got 101%).

It is time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...

... but I'm all out of gum!

Duke Nukem 3D - Shake it baby!

Boosting for your life

With Burnout Paradise a couple of new boost types were introduced to the Burnout universe. Stunt Boost, Aggression boost (yes it is new!) and No boost?!

Do you need more Burnout friends?

If you are playing Burnout on the XBOX 360 and want to extend your friends list with up to 99 BurnoutAholics you should keep reading...

As some of you probably know I own the gamertag BurnoutAholics. A couple of weeks ago at one of our BurnoutAholics meet-ups SUFFUR suggested that I should open up the friends list on BurnoutAholics and let members of BurnoutAholics.com join it so they easily can get in touch with other BurnoutAholics without filling up their own friends list.

Todays Xbox 360 System update

When you sign into XBOX Live today you will a prompt to accept a mandatory update. This is only a update to prepare for future growth of the XBox Live service. No new features. This is NOT the Fall update.


This is a triumph! Portal - Still Alive is coming to the XBOX Live Arcade in 2008. New test chambers, new achievements, new game! Yay! The title will be exclusive for the XBOX 360... at least that is what they said at the press briefing.

 I'm very excited about this since Portal was such a great game. Probably my nr. 1 favourite from 2007.

-- It's hard to overstate my SATISFACTION --

Put the blades away!?

We now know why there was no spring update for the XBox 360. During a press conference at E3 in Los Angeles tonight Microsoft revealed a shiny new user interface for the XBOX 360. The new UI looks a lot more like Windows Vista with its 3D windows.

The fall update will include the new UI and lots of other new features. Here are some of the things that will be included in what Microsoft call the “New Xbox Experience”. 


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