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Dividing a community…

Have you been over at Paradise Forums @  www.criteriongames.com lately?

Virgin Media - the Internet Service Provider from HELL!

As you probably know from reading ZombieTron’s blog we have been having some serious problems with our Internet Service Provider (ISP) lately. I first noticed that something was wrong last week. The same problems then started happening at the same time on Monday this week.

Adding colour to your signature

As some of you might have noticed adding colour to your blogs and forum posts is not possible for most users on BurnoutAholics.com.

Adding colours to spice up your signature is however allowed and I want to give you some tips on how to do it.

First of all go to "My account". Then select Edit. In the account settings find the signature. Let's say your signature is BurnutAholics Rules!" To make the B and A red type the following in the signature field:

Finally got em all

I have been spending quite a lot of time in Paradise City the last couple of weeks and two days ago I finally completed all the challenges. I've had lots of fun doing this.

Do you need directions to find your way to Paradise City?

I pass this sign every morning when I drive to work.  I guess this means that Paradise is actually in Norway?

Directions to Paradise City

Stuntrun: Ignition

After buying Stuntman: Ignition from play dot com for £9.99 almost three weeks ago it finally arrived last Thursday. Initially I was planning to leave it nicely in my shelf wrapped in its plastic like so many other games in my collection. I’m a sucker for the £9.99 deals and it is hard to resist when the retail price for the same games here in Norway are £57.99!

Ranking up!?

Since Criterion is doing a “Long Weekend in Paradise” of ranked racing I decided to bring back one of my alter egos. Since this is not a US account I actually had to play Burnout Paradise offline to unlock cars to use for online racing. After 14 hours of offline play I had everything unlocked except for the WTR and PCPD F1 Car. I stopped my offline play at this point because I want to try other cars for ranked races and don’t want to be tempted to use the F1 car. BarryW over at Criterion finished the game 100% in 19 hours 45 minutes.

Trespassing at the Observatory?

When I was doing some Online freeburning with SUFFUR, ZombieTron and Kevlar0 last night SUFFUR discovered an “inaccessible” road close to the Crystal Summit Observatory. Well, inaccessible is probably not the right word. When kevlar0 finally got out of a tight spot between some boulders we all managed to get into the area and below are some pictures to prove it.

Burnout Paradise Hidden Area near the Crystal Summit Observatory

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