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Anyone ever get pissed at playing Burnout too much? Cause thats what Im feeling like right now.... Maybe its just the fact that you wanna perfect everything but for some reason, some day, one day, one week you just suck like crazy and crashes are your best friend....

Or maybe cause Ive been called a cheat lately.... Hmmm, How come people who are semi fast say the very fast racers cheat all the time? Yes, I do have a Game Genie and you can get it on XBox360UnlicensedGoodsandCheats.com..... By the way the website if only available every 31st of Febraury...

After all this time...

Here what happened lately... I decided to get my rank up to 75,500. Just to see who will actually let me stay in and race afterall, they do know what my gamertag is when they see Nero Angelo on... I have raced some of these players before so they know exactly how I race..

Well, I went to some of their rooms and guess what I got kicked by players who are ranked 200 and 300?... Only three people let me stay in their rooms and guess who they are, Shout (153), Waterball (70), and Dark (200)...

The Infamous Comeback Method

I was talking to GBR Revenge 360 aka Kenny Meyer and we were discussing how sometimes people leave the game because something else has caught their attention so now they devote a lot of time to it. Take another game for example or another hobby. Obviously people change and they do discover other things that interests them. So, they leave Burnout. But after a couple of weeks they come back and start playing again. Its after this time, that people start noticing whether theyve improved or not.


You want to know whats cool? I was looking at the forums right and it shows your pic, ect, and the date you became a member. Wow, who would have thought that I joined this site when it was only a couple of weeks old. And heres Psychedelic who just joined a couple of months ago and shes got more aholic points than I do... LOL.. anyways, I thought that was a cool addition. That way we really get to see who are new here and who arent... LOL...

A Quick Question

Hey people, I have been looking for some images to add to my profile but for some reason it isnt accepting it because its stating that the images I have chosen are not images at all. Does it have to be on jpg instead of bmp for the image to load? I was looking that the requirement have to be 85x85, so I did take that into consideration. At the moment, I stole Eezo's pic just cause I cant seem to get this stuff to work..


Oh one more thing, I noticed the donate button at the top of the page but has anyone actually donated anything to the burnoutaholics at all?

Burnoutaholic Suggestions!

I think Burnoutaholics is a great spot to just post and do some stuff in. Obviously its still a growing website aim strictly at Burnout which is a good thing because the site focuses on a certain topic and not so much the confusion that other sites may bring out due to 10+ racing games being covered. I think this site has the potential to grow, but it may also have the potential to end because its just focusing on one game as well.


Lets go Blog Happy and just create Blogs for the hell of it!! Oops just earned 3 addiction points for writing this down.. Your going down Psychedelic Babe!


With all this talk of Elitism and some people not wanting to enter it because they arent "fast enough" and not welcome, how about Burnoutaholics host a tournament. Maybe under that tag and hosting, people will join in and now worry so much about not being invited to tournaments...


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