What is a good 'Room'? On Burnout and Xbox Live and are they different? Judge Suffur presides.

This is an idea that came from the drunk and suf meet up No 7 or is it? And will be edited as an ongoing thing as the mind reaches ground.


On the ground.


This applies to most games but I'll keep it to Burnout. Well I have time while a techy comes to fix me modem. Thats going to be rule 1.


Rule 1. Have a decent connection. Decent download, nice upload if you host. 2meg download 400k upload to be in the room, hosting 700k upload, 4 to 8 meg download or higher for big rooms like Rainbow Six Vegas.


Rule 2. Have a Microphone, just say hi and keep quiet is cool. No heavy breathing, no loud noise in back ground, eg.TV turned up to the max, wife screaming, you screaming, kids, animals, drunk mates, disco going on, the police raid, we don't want to know and if it just happened, mute your frigging mic, and tell us about it after the noise goes down. When someone says your causing echo, feed back , something is going on at your end, especially if you can't hear the echo, solution unplug mic, plug back in or turn the noise down. There is a problem with the wireless mic, that can cause a Bee buzzing noise, sort it out, by making sure the thing is charged, it only has a real battery life of 4 hours before that noise kicks in. Change mic to wired and charge the other one back up. If you have that problem you will be kicked friend or foe, sorry, noobs to the room, not foe. Sometimes people put their mic too close to their mouth which can cause Booming, we will ask you to move it away from the mouth, do so or boot. We all know that burnout can cause frustration, upset and excitement, its cool to express this, just don't do it at the top of your lungs. Coming into the room, swearing at people you don't know is not cool, or being racist, or sexist. And don't rub it in if you are the winner, be proud, show off a bit, don't tell everyone else they suck and are noobs. If you don't have a mic because its broken put it in your moto until you get a new one, then we know, and don't be cheap buy a mic asap. The reason for this is, that some people don't have mics, is because they have bad connections, and the only way they can connect is if they don't have the mic in, you still lag sucka, get a better connection Rule 1. Mute your mic if your have to go for the call of nature, we don't want to know if your doing 1's or 2's. Nor do we want to hear other people domestics, your life, our LIVE. Keep it seperate, unless you know most of the room, then its gossip.


Rule 3. Listen to the host, they is the boss, if he/she wants you out for someone else, leave asap. If you really want to play, leave and send a message  to the host, room will be made when it's available if the host wants to. Your host may ask suggestions of the people in the room of what to play, say something then, the host may say no but you have contributed to the room be happy, and you may get what you want next time round.


Rule 4. Play the game as it sould be played, no glitching, cheating or any fowl play, unless the host says so at the start of the game, so remember Rule 3.


Rule 5. Never jump in the room, and say 'Start the race(game)' you will probably be kicked, banded from server and thrown bad feed back for your time, if you're that desperate to race/play make up your own room/server and see what its like to be told what to do.


Rule 6. In some rooms it not just race, race, race, or kill, kill, kill, the host maybe taking a break, to get a drink, pee, poo, have a smoke, or on the phone, or someone else in the room maybe doing all the above, don't start breaking Rule 5, just because you're ready. The host may also be just having a chat with those in the room, don't interupt sit it out or leave quietly.


Rule 7. If you're called a noob, take it as so, as the rest of the room has checked your stats, from your gamer tag and what you have played and for how long, it is not an insult, it's a statement of fact, unless you just got a new gamertag, then say so, (state your old tag) but be warned, if your last tag was known  you may be kicked because your last tag has a bad rep, sorry no-one likes cheaters, or rank boosters or silvers filling up the top 100. It is known on Burnout Revenge, that the top 100 are just 10 players with 10 tags. Also as a noob you may get some abuse, by being hunted down, teabagged, and generally used as fodder, accept it, you're being tested, rise to the test and show you can take it and not cry like a little baby.


Rule 7a. If you are called a Virgin(someone who has never played on that game online before ever), also take is as so, your cherry will be popped sooner rather than later, by all in the room. Again you are being tested, just alot more than Rule 7 and the cherry popper has the bragging rights, and you will be reminded. (I don't remember who did mine, but i know they are on my friends list.)


Rule 8. If you're under age, especially for the game your playing you will be kicked, though it is host progative, and some hosts only take over 18's in rooms. As 18+ supposedly have more control over emotions(not always the case). Some hosts have only over 21's rooms, accept it and find another room. And it does not mater how good you are, you are under age and we are respossible adults(most of the time) we are trying to protect your fragile little minds, and in most cases you should be in bed. If you are a terminaly ill child, put one of your parents on first to explain the situation, we alway like to give last wishes, to those who love the game, but really don't have the time.


Rule 9. Though most take gaming seriously, we do all want to have fun, don't be a sore loser or a big headed winner, find an even keel, though it is understandable that personality does get involved, think of others in the room, they might know where you live? Also when you're the last odd one to come in the room, the others in the room might know each other, personally, dating, have met, you are the stanger, you don't walk up to someone in the street and do anything unsocialble, you probably get kicked in the teeth or arrested, online you just get kicked and get bad feed back from everyone in the room.


Rule 10. Don't just jump into the room and send friend requests, especially to the better players in the room (it upsets the not so good players) , they don't need the hassel, they are better because they play alot and have friends they play with regulary. You want to learn how to play the game, play the single player first, read the forums on xbox live, and use the search function first, if you can't find the information that you need straight away. Read the instruction booklet that came with the game. If you are stuck do please ask, but not when the game is just about to start, nor mid-game, the others in the room are trying to play, just muggle along until the end of the game, then ask, nicely with a smile. We know you're a noob see Rule 7. Ask before you send a friends request, it's the polite way to go about it, and if rejected, ask to be be a prefered player instead.


Rule 11. Swearing, it happens in games, normally its not personal, and normally its directed to one's self rather than to others in a room, also nick names are built up from inter-game abuse, and can be very rude, as well as certain banter(a form of love as you will), one of the reasons for Rule 8. Don't join in or copy, repeat if you are a stranger in the room, you can mute us, quit, leave but its bad form to think you are one of us(us, sounds very elitist but when most of us have done at least 4 years on XBOX LIVE, us will do) , until you played us for a number of weeks, you are just another gamer we are getting to know over time. Most abuse we would normally give you is noob, if you do a noob mistake, but do it over and over, the abuse will be a lot stronger, and may lead to your dismisal from the room. Not that we don't mind you standing up for yourself, and it is encouraged, for it will at least make you a better gamer, to hold one's ground per say, but there is a line, don't cross it and beware the line moves, from host to other players and it can be anywhere.


Rule 12. You have a funny voice, a young boy with girly tones, saddly you may be kicked as it can drill straight through the brains of other gamers, sorry to judge, but it can upset a whole room. We have come across people that have to use a computer to speak, we will understand, but we have to know to understand, so if you are kicked for not knowing, sorry, please accept we are not all tolerant of diffrences and we hope to learn from our mistakes. If you are girly with a really girly voice, we need evidence of this, but fluffy can get on one's titts, put something in ones mouth to change its tone.


Rule 13. Don't accuse someone of cheating until you know all the facts, if your ass was beat, by all in the room and you were lapped out, it is because you don't know how to play, not that the rest of the room are cheats. A bone in contention is boost jumping on Burnout Revenge, this glitch as Criterion have pointed out in thier web site, is used alot, but has been present  from at least Burnout 2: Point of Impact as well as the boost start and even explains how to boost start in the instruction manual in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. Boost jumping is just putting the boost start and drifting together over a jump.


Rule 14. You are all human beings act like one, yes people hide behind the persona of thier gamertags, some can be very offensive and report them if you are offended, i know i do, but your gamertag on line is who you are persay, play by the rules and they can work for you. Rules can be broken, bent and sometimes even removed, but in the company of other friendly gamers tags. Don't piss off someone you don't know because they could be a moderator, who could send you to bansville off XBOX LIVE, no more fun for you.


Rule 15. A good room is a happy room, when every-one finishes within a second of first place on Burnout, as the racing is tight, and nail bitting to the end, and on Rainbow Six Vegas, when the score is only a couple of points in it for team or single player and should be the same for all other games with variations of winning and losing. The stuff above sets up the foundation for it to happen. So keep it tight, keep it fun and give some love to Fungus Mungus, no matter how bad he smells. 


Rule 16. The Host is in charge and if he/she thinks a player has had enough, the player sould be kicked to get some sleep, accept it and go to bed, I thank  Jynnx nee Black Pancake for ending my Burnout 3: Takedown spree of three, yes 3 days of constant play, when i first came on XBOX LIVE. (Though i did hint i should really go) And boy did i rank up in those Three dayz. Many years ago. LOL Yawn Zzzzzz.


Rule 17. When you join XBOX LIVE you are asked to pick a gamer type, Pro, Family, Rec and Underground, read what those types mean, gamers pick this sort of type for a reason, so they play accordingly. Though no-one should be a Pro on Burnout, the game is just to dirty to keep it really squecky clean, so you Pro's bewarned the Underground, really just don't care. But if you are a Pro host please state you want clean racing before you start, it gives a chance for us Undergrounders to leave or break your fracking rules, till you kick us out.


Keep the wheels spinning, the engines fired up, the guns reloaded and let deflowering of those gaming Virgin Noobs commence!


PS if I think up any more or anyone has more (drunk will have) this post/blog will be edited.

PPS No they aren't much different, to answer the question.

Rule 18. Don't do downloading while playing, you will lag and lag others too.


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I was in a really good race room on Revenge the other day. In one race the top 4 places were within a second of each other. With the rubber band effect the way it is in Revenge, close racing makes the difference between a good room and a great room. Other than that I think its all about the people, getting a group of 6 people who all get on and talk and have a laugh is what its all about for me. This is a little harder to achieve in other games with more players, although its fun playing with 14 people on RB6:V, its easier to get to know each other in smaller rooms.

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i think there are a number of ways of having a good room on burnout.. when there is a room full of evenly matched racers where it is close between all people as Zom said, in a room like that its more let your racing do the talking and you get a sense of achievement when your winning.. also if you have a room that just talks sh1te but is funny, it doesn't matter how good people are as long as they are having fun and joining in..

personally i actually enjoy some random rooms with noobs when the normal gang are'nt on, give you a chance to share the knowledge and love of the game to the new and uninitiated and they do seem to be generally impressed by the speed and techniques used within the game..

i do find that if you have someone in the room with no mike then it sometimes takes away from the experience.. typically cause most no mikers tend to lag a little..

all i can say is turn on, tune in and plug you mike in.. talk utter b*ll*ks and have a laugh.. don't be shy join in the fun.. ;)

theres a thin line between genius and insanity... i think i've fallen off...

theres a thin line between genius and insanity... i think i've fallen off...

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I don't talk much when in a room, but i do laugh at was is going on and what happens in the room, most rooms are cool, and yeah i disagree with noisey players, man, some shout over the host, not a good thing to do, if i could host i would kick them out, with out a word. Here to have fun, not to listen to some fool, b1tch about how really crap they are or that thier mom wants them to put out the trash, and throwing a fit.
Part -time Burner.

Part -time Burner.

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My definition/rules of a good room:

1. Respect others in the room. The host isnt the only one that deserves courtesy, but needless to say they do hold the most power in the room and good first impressions are always a must. Remember, It is a public area where you meet new people. First impressions are always important since it might be the only time you or the only chance you get to race a good racers and make new friends..............or create enemies that will haunt you throughout your Burnout career...

2. Shyte talk is necessary but not really necessary...Talk like that can either give the player confidence or low self-esteem...The important part is knowing the difference and where the line stops. When people start calling each other racial names, deragatory remarks..ect.. then you know its a bad room......at that point, I just kick people out regardless of who they are......

3. Know something important, why not share it...The best rooms that are created have people teaching each tricks of the trade....Comments like "you know there's a second jump off that right?" is always cool cause now whoever didnt know that before, knows it now.. They can then use that to get better times, better boosts jumps, better drifts, and better boost conservation thus ultimately making them a better burnout player. The more competition there is out there, the better the game becomes...Competition enables other to get even better..

4. Represent your name! Keep up or dont keep up, its cool.... Just dont disconnect...Ultimately, your name is at stake. Whenever you come back into the room again, you will be booted out unless there is a legitimate excuse...

5. Rank can and does matter! Its an estimation of where your at...so if your 75,000 I dont recommend going into a room of below 300s...as they will smoke you in every race or track.. In fact they will more than likely boot you as you might give a handicap to others.......It was stated by a certain "homeless cooking master" however that there is "No handicap" and he proved it to a whole group of great racers a couple of nights ago....

As a general unwritten rule though, try to race racers within your own skill level to keep the game fast and close.... Those are the best racest to be experienced....

6. Have fun....If you lose, be positive anyways... At least you learned something new in the process.....

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Well one really but maybe more to follow.

Rule 19. Don't jump in the room and tell the host; lets do all the challenges/Show Time about/Road Rage/Marked Man/or a map you have designed and it must be raced, or you must follow me, I found a really cool spot. You're not Flipper/Skippy/Dunstan/Elmo/Lassie/Godzilla/or my little brother (if you are, what you playing a game for, there are sexy people in pubs/clubs go find one, leave the game play to me), there is no well, or drowning drunk, to be saved, chill the frack out! Ask, and you may recieve, and don't throw a paddy if they say NO!, If you want people to try your stuff out, host yourself and wait till people join, explain  to your  room that you are trying some new stuff out, care to partisipate? it gives time to leave politely, and get someone in that does want to experiment, with a complete stranger of over excitidedness, .

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?