Burnout Paradise Checkpoint Map

For the last couple of day I've been working on creating a map containing all the checkpoints, start lines and finish lines in Paradise City. I've based my map on senocular's brilliant Paradise maps at http://www.senocular.com/burnout.

Burnout Paradise Race Checkpoint Map

Here are some of the features of my Race Checkpoint Map:

  • Includes all race checkpoint that can be set for Online Routes (dark red icons).
  • All checkpoints and start points are identified by both junction and number. Click the checkpoint for details.
  • All start point / lines are included. Start points that can not be used as checkpoints have a lighter red icon.
  • All finish lines identified by the yellow flag icon. The name of the finish location is shown when you click the icon.
  • Checkpoints that can not be used as start points are identified by "No Start" in the description.
  • Added comments to the XML file documenting the various sections.
  • Version date now included in XML file.
  • Now using the address element on all checkpoints and start lines. This will be used to locate checkpoints in the future. It also frees up the description element so I can start using that for checkpoint spesific comments.
  • All checkpoints now have their own number. The checkpoints are sorted by longitude (y) from North to South.

My reason for making this map is that I want to be able to create my routes online on my computer. If you want to have a look at what will be possible check this out.

Also make sure you check out senocular's blog for the latest development details.





scurdog3472's picture

Thanks for the maps you dont know how helpful they were.Scurdog3472!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeLGaRaTh's picture

Thanks for all the hard work you have done here, it should be invaluable.

One small question/request if possible?

On the burning routes, is it possible to flag what each car the burning route is for? I ask as you can click on them and get information which is blank, I just thought that would be handy?

Either way, thanks again, great job!!!