Can't connect to EA servers in Burnout 3 (Xbox)

When I select my gamertag, I keep getting a can't-connect error. Burnout Revenge on the 360 connects fine, but not this game. What's wrong? Is this game still online?

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but I will check it again today...

There hasn't been a shut down announcement on EA's web page, so the servers should still be available.

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I had no problem connecting today, although there was no-one else online as far as I could tell, and the friends list function is still not working.

If you are interested in playing Burnout 3 online and are able to connect! be sure to send "BurnoutAholics" a friends request (or send me one, with a message!)  and send out some invites on the dashboard before you load up the game.

I still adore this game, and will tweet to CG today to ask if they can fix the friends list!

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Here's a screenshot:

I tried getting help from EA, but they have been useless. I know my connection is fine, and yet none of the gamertags I have can get online...

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it reads as tho you are not connected to Xbox Live, so that is really wierd. I don't think I have ever seen that message on Burnout 3. You could try testing your Xbox Live connection? but if other games are working OK I don't see why this game would be a problem.

Sorry I can't help! I hope it fixes itself for you soon!!

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I just recently started playing burnout 3 again for the first time in a long time. Unfortunatly I lost my game save (had 100% completion on my regular xbox) so I'm having to play through single player again  to unlock cars (not that I mind, i love this game).

Anywho, I would love to play this online if you can get this working.  I've been checking and i can connect fine, but as Zombie said, there seems to be nobody online.

If you have any friends that have an xbox, try hooking their xbox  up to your internet and see if they can connect. Alternatively, try connecting from someone else's house. That way you can see if it is a problem with the game disc (unless its downloaded?), console, or your internet connection.

Hope you get it working!

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