When Things Go Quiet!!!!

Have you ever sat there and wondered why things go quiet? Well I have, now i'm not sure if its because I have four children or not, but noise seems to be all around you whatever way you look at it. Whether its the birds outside your window, or the cars driving down the street, there just seems to be noise everywhere you go, so what if everything was to go quiet. I mean really quiet, so quiet that you could'nt hear the birds, the cars, the people talking, nothing, absolute silence. What would you really think, or more to the point, how would you be feeling?

So how would I react? Fear definately, I hear so much going on around me through the day that I would start to notice the fact that I could'nt hear anything at all. And also I suppose at first there would be confusion, that would hit me hard, the fact that I cant hear any of the things that I would normally hear. You see a car drive past, and still you hear nothing, so you speak, and you don't hear the echo of your voice that you once heard so often, I would definately freak out. I think to have something for so long, then all of a sudden you lose it, you would be extremely confused, simple little things that you remember so much when you see them would be forever silent.

I suppose my first fear would be the fact that I couldn't hear my own voice, now I know I don't like my voice very much, but I would really miss hearing it, and I guess all I would want to do at first is shout. I would shout and scream as loud as I posibly could in hope that I might just hear something, anything. I think after shouting and screaming endlessly for 20 minutes or so, the penny would finally drop that I was deaf, and that I will never hear anything ever again in my entire life.

So how would you deal with something as harsh as that, I suppose you could go for endless treatments and hospital appointments, in hope and in desperation, that one day somebody may actual help you hear all of those things that you miss so dearly, or do you just get on with things as normal, and try and hope that you will succumb the fear and the anxiety that this new found deafness has brought upon you. I think that once something like this darkens your life, there is not that much you can do about it, and once that fact has been realized, you get to move on. But how long does this take I'm wondering, how many painstaking weeks would you have to endure the hurt or the anger, I guess this I will never know.

I see more and more deaf people as I pass through the streets of my city, and they all look so happy, and yes this does confuse me, I often think why are they are so happy, they can't hear anything. But then I look at the bigger picture, especially if they remember what they used to hear so often, they see the things, but just don't hear them, like the voices of other people, and the sounds of children playing. But because they can remember and relate to them sounds, it must make it slighty easier, or are they just simply putting up a brave face, I guess the only people that know the answers, the real answers, are the deaf people themselves.

I could'nt imagine losing my hearing, in fact after thinking long and hard about it, it would completely destroy my life, I do so many things in my life that evolve around hearing, and to have something then lose it suddenly, it would turn my life completely up side down. But I'd have to deal with it would'nt I, just like all those smiling people that I see daily.


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If anything... that should make you appreciate what you have..

And to think, all those kids who put their rap and pop music up so loud driving their cars or getting gas and the base blaring like crazy are destroying their ear drums.. Put on Hard Rock or metal instead, atleast we can all listen to some real music and destroy our ear drums in the process..



"There's Nero, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/ 20/ 2009)

"There's Nero, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/ 20/ 2009)

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Nice read that Psyche, thought provoking, interesting, can tell you have spent some time thinking about Silence.... Really can and I know this because I’m losing my hearing. Left ear is almost gone, trying to protect the right from same destructive path. I like looking behind things, not taking anything at face value is the only way to determine what could be truth, what could be untrue. 
I also remember Mr Nero telling me once he races on Revenge in Silence, something I couldn’t do as I love Music, race with it and being trance like but no trance Music thanks lol Had a neighbour way back when who had lost his hearing and sight when he was 7 (40’s when I knew him) his house was beautiful, maintained like he was the Queens butler and he would sit in his garden reading, looking forward with his hands drifting over the bumps and slights on the surface of paper, mesmerizing and I realise now he knew I was watching because his senses where attuned more with his other senses, sense of smell, taste, ALL superior to mine or yours. Not hearing the birds or the Hum (there is a Hum I heard about but only just had the privilege). Man grew flowers you wouldn’t believe, how mad is that?!
The sense of peace in the mans posture, the way he held his body in movement – no I’m not gay – like things reached out to him instead of being found by a blind hand. There has to be peace inside something so silent don’t ya think? I have no children and I never will so you could guess that the sound of a room full of kids holds no appeal to me but to others...? Can see it with Clarity but I prefer a nice Claret and I’m no Vampire either lol
Silence is Golden Psyche they say and hope you never know what that means in the real sense of the word but things happen for a reason and don’t imagine a person who can’t hear wanting sympathy but he/she will expect it for sure, like a person who stutters doesnt want their sentences finished by the person they are talking with. 
Music and the world I see would be the most terrifying thing to lose, the rise and tilt of anothers voice, the rain falling on the Trees and the Grass, the crackle of Fire, the screech of fingers on a Guitar string just before it lands it note and sound of your feet touching the floor first thing of a morning signifying new day, Like Akeru!
Then again, the other senses would be in overdrive for the lack of sound, must be so. 
Does make you think Psyche, infinte number of sounds to be heard or yet to be created. Wouldn’t want to be deprived of them either but lets see what this font is gonna be like anyway eh?! lol


--Don't Struggle like That or i'll only Love You More--

--Don't Struggle like That or i'll only Love You More--

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There are worse senses to lose then your hearing. All sense loss normally has degrees and is rarely absolute. I would rather be hard of hearing then partially sighted. Losing my eyesight scares me more then losing my hearing. Although the thought of hearing nothing ever again, especially now I have a baby whose giggle is the most amazing sound in the world to me, is a very frightening thought, it is also very, very, unlikely to happen.

My grandparents all experienced hearing loss in later life, and used hearing aids, and were frustrated that they could not actively participate in conversations in the same way. It is sort of how I feel now, not fully understanding the language spoken is similar to missing words through not hearing them, and it is very frustrating at times.

I once met a guy who lost his colour vision through an accident working on the railway, he was electrocuted and can now only see greyscale. He was quite happy to have a unique view of the world.

I think the wierdest sense to live without, the one which would be hardest to adapt to, would be your sense of touch. I can't really imagine not being able to feel anything. I can't see how your other senses could compensate for that.

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Be wery wery quiet!


Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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I got caught making noise with a few others, after lights out and had to write an essay about' "Silence is Golden" it was 500 words and took me 3 hours but creative genius so i was told, of course another essay i got was "what was inside a ping pong ball" 500 words, i'm glad i did the 3 sciences or i would have been writing for a lot longer...

When you can't hear, let your body feel....

Of course you could be a pin ball wizard?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?