What do you think about the new look?

75% (12 votes)
Looked better before
6% (1 vote)
Doesn't make a difference to me
19% (3 votes)
Total votes: 16


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ok I see everyone said they liked the new look and dont get me wrong it does look sweet ..... but it just looks like everything is crammed into this small space ...... maybe the template could have been a bit wider so it didnt look so crammed ? on the last look it was a bit wider the template ao it was spread out a bit more ....... other than that it looks great guys good job :)  gonna take me a while to relearn how to navigate round here but ill sus it out im sure ......


hmmm maybe criterion should do a spin round of the traffic to confuse everyone and make the game seem a bit more interesting :)

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I see what you mean and I did actually have it on my TODO list to increase the width of the content area. Reading your comment I got inspired and finally got around to adjusting the width of the content. Hopefully it looks less crammed now! Thanks! smiley

PS: If you can't see the difference you might have to do a full refresh of the site (Ctrl+F5).

-- The Creator --

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excellent ..... looks well better xandu thank you ...... and I noticed when i answered the poll that several people had voted for different things and I thought if your not happy with something how the hell are they going to know if you dont tell them .... and i know myself how important feedback is hun :) looking good and im proud to stll be a part of this great community cool oha nd while we are talking about feedback ...... where did all the emoticons go crying .......