The First Master of Crash has been crowned!



The first Master of CRASH has been crowned. Congratulations to OveReAction! Very impressive scores.

We have not talked about what kind of prize the winner will get if any? I can tell you that the prize is a very unique limited edition T-shirt. As the T-Shirts have not been printed yet we will wait to send them out until we are done with all our competitions.

This is what the leaderboard looked like when the first competition ended. 

Rank Name Score completion Score
1 OveReAction 100% 7482362000
2 Xandu 100% 6184455250
3 SUFFUR 100% 5910902750
4 MonkyCMonkeyDo 100% 5603309500
5 HiZer 100% 5174736750
6 ZombieTron 96% 3627677750
7 evil_mumm_ra 96% 2969790800
8 Miss Dosey 63% 2947408750
9 buzz blade 100% 2668884955



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I dunno if that can be shipped or so. Is it ok? If not, I guess I 've been competed for nothing......

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Yes we will ship it to you. We have sent you a pm with information. T-Shirts will not be shipped until we have finished all three competitions.

-- The Creator --

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Ok. It's cool now.

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Unlike Xbox, ALL of our competitions are open to EVERYBODY regardless of what country they live in!

(Sorry, I'm still a bit bitter about being excluded from all Xbox competitions since leaving the UK) cheeky

Congratulations OveReAction!

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Well it looks like some of you guys are having fun with burnout Crash. I still don't feel like getting it though just not my cup of tea sorry to say but props to you guys for making it into something.

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)