BurnoutAholics.com is five!




Today BurnoutAholics.com is five years old! Happy Birthday to us! And we got exactly what we wanted! Revenge Back Online!

Happy fifth Birthday

BurnoutAholics.com has actually been around for more than 6 years but the site as we know it today launched on May 1st 2007!


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I have Loved it here, may have been some slow news years lately but today was a bonus!

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Can't believe its been more then 5 years lol its insane! but I love it!

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)

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@SUFFUR It has been a couple of slow years since Paradise, but it seems like people come back when major events occur. Most other Burnout fan sites are long gone or are abandoned and filled with spam . We are still very much alive and kicking waiting for the next big announcement from Criterion Games!

-- The Creator --

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2 Criterion dev staffs even visits here! Isn't it obvious?

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belated happy anniversary, burnoutaholic!!!!! yescheeky