Need for Speed Most Wanted Special - PWNED #24


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After reading all the ones on youtube and other scans of other sites, it comes to my attention, that people do hate change, and miss what worked before and want it back and want to compete against the world and a lot of others crying about spilled milk and just being rude.

Criterion got what they wanted, fans will get something else, most of it good but in the end the more games they do make the better i hope Burnout X will be, where X is always an unknown factor till you see it, play it, enjoy it.

But that was a lot of talk about what we saw at E3, with stuff told to us what u can't see in the video. There is a lot of work and time gone into this, to cover two audiences/players (though it seems more as the NFS series covers a lot of ground, with tuning, customization etc), i think it favours the Paradise and NFS:HP players more. The others just have to try it till their prefered game of choice comes out.

It should be a great driving game. Going by what i have seen and read.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Watching that vid reminded me of the fun C4 videogame show BITS. I've not seen a really good review show about videogames since. (Sorry Gaz Top & Violet).

Burnout 3 vids a plenty -

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Lots of the comments are complaining about no customization, but don't they talk about customization in the video? 

I only watched it once all the way through, but, I'm sure Matt Webster was talking about customizing his crappy (my opinion, not his) BMW to make it competitive with better cars.

So, why are lots of comments complaining about lack of customization?

I never really got the point of customization in games, I prefer my racing games to just give me the cars already maxed out to as good as they can be. But, I know it's a big part of the NFS series, so it should be in the game.

I don't get why someone can't make a good video game TV show, Bits was probably the best of the bunch, but nothing has come along to take it's rather crooked crown. 

When we were watching this, Xandu and I wondered why the Inside Xbox shows couldn't be done this way? Or why PWNED isn't on Inside Xbox along with the IGN, Gamespot and OXM offerings. 

This is the first PWNED I've seen, as none of the previous ones have featured games I was particularly interested in. But, it is a well put together show... so good job EA! :)

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Having skimmed through a few more pages of comments, it's just peeps complaining that they can't put green neon under the car and have stupidly big spoilers. 

I understand wanting visual customization even less then I get the performance tuning. But, then the way I play, I never see my car anyway! :)

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Anyone else notice the team race option at the bottom?

Also, was listening to a podcast just after E3 and one of the problems they mentioned was that  (at least in the Press demo) when the game asks for players to meet up for a Race/Challenge it would not start the event till everyone turned up, no matter how long they took. Hopefully this is a bug of the show demo, or something that will be dealt with as its potentially gamebreaking.

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Yeah, they do seem to like putting racing to the start as part of the game. I would prefer to be teleported to the starting grid when an event is started.

One of the big frustrations of Burnout Paradise, was an event starting all the way over the other end of the map, and having to get there!

It is a major issue, because they can't have it both ways. You can't have an open world where the world in the lobby and have players be able to go where they like after an event is finished, only to not put them together again for the next event. 

I'm not sure how they are going to get around that, or if we will have the same we had in Paradise, everyone just taking each other down at the event start point while they wait for me to make my way across the whole city! Or while they watch the last players arrow going around in circles, or going the wrong way, with no headset for navigation help!!

Hopefully, these are things that are being thought about at CG's HQ as we speak!

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The solution could be something simple - Have an "opt out" option, if the player doesn't appear to be heading for the objective or is static/unresponsive present them with the option to opt out of this round, if they do not respond kick them.