Eastwood and then what?


The Eastwood update will include "the Island" which will extend Paradise City with new areas to play in. The island will be accessible via a bridge close to the parking garage at Angus Warf. The update will probably include new game play modes, new billboards, smashes, super jumps and challenges. When the island was first announced Criterion Games stated that the Island would be a free extension.

Burnout Paradise - The Island

No release date has been set for this update but Criterion Games originally hinted that it probably would be released Fall 2008, which to me means September-October 2008. The article about Burnout Paradise in the June issue of Edge states that Eastwood will most likely hit our consoles towards the end of the year, so probably November or December 2008.

The Eastwood update will mark the end of the Year of Paradise and it is currently unknown what kind of support Criterion Games will provide for the game and the community after this update. With the release of Burnout Paradise PC we can probably expect that less resources will be put into the maintenance of the console versions of the game. It will be interesting to see if additions made to the PC version will ever make it to console versions of the game.


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they're thinking they might add airplanes.  (maybe)

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......hhmmmmm.......i wonder what they'll think of next?.......

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