Cagney denied on the XBox 360!


Tonight Criterion Games announced that the Cagney update will be delayed for the XBOX 360.

When the update was going through the final test phase at Microsoft a few new bugs were discovered and the Cagney update will be delayed until these issues are resolved.  The projected release date for Cagney for the XBOX 360 is now the 24th July.

As far as we know the PS3 version of Cagney will not be affected by this delay and is still due for release on the 10th July.

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Yet again, EA games (Criterion is a subsidiary of EA) fails to deliver the goods on time...always seems like they're either delaying, or coming out with rushed garbage. Never can get quality from them in a timely fashion. Actually, we haven't gotten quality from them at all in a long time.


Made you look


Made you look

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hi i have a ps3 and im trying to update my burnout paradise but after so long it comes up with an error message has anybody else had the same problem


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was just reading about this on the Criterion forum , lots of folks have run into this and is apparently because you don't have your ports forwarded properly on your broadband router .
if the error message is something like FFFGGF , what I just said is the fix

if you don't know how to do any of your router config , try


hope that helps
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