Bikes in Burnout???

Okay, what is going on with Burnout?  The idea of bikes I am still a bit skepticle about, will they handle like real bikes or what?  Is it going to be like Road Rash at all?  What is the point of having bike in burnout? Are the riders going to fly off with they crash? What's going on?  I heard an early version of burnout when it was with Midway or something had bikes but I just thought that the whole point of burnout was cars. This seems like an attempt to just un-bore people or something.  I turst that Criterion is doing this in a way where us car burners dont have to race with the bikes like in some midnight club game.


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I was sceptical at first too, but since Criterion announced the gameplay that was coming in the Bike Pack, with new Bike Burning Routes (some of which are night time only), Road Rules and Bike specific challenges. I think Bikes will fit into Burnout Paradise just fine.

I don't know how or if Takedowns will work on Bikes, but I think when you crash the rider will disappear.

I wouldn't say it's an attempt to un-bore people, who is bored? I think the guys at Criterion like Bikes and genuinely wanted to put them in the City to see what they could do with that idea. From the footage and stills I have seen so far, I think it will be successful!