Worst Burnout Soundtrack ever

How can I change the Paradise soundtrack. Its really annoying. I'm shocked that this is even called a burnout soundtrack, seems like they just trough songs together and picked that theme song just bc it says paradise city.


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Yeah i cant stand Guns N Roses either when i heard that song as the opening theme well it kinda of made me feel........but as for changing them......you just have to mute your TV and play your own tracks.....


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You can use your own custom soundtrack. I don't bother with this tho, and do have the Paradise soundtrack playing, but I really need to sort it out cos I have to use my RB to get past the classical tracks!

The EA trax on Burnout 3 were a big reason for me wanting to play everyday. Alot of the time I just put the game in to listen to the soundtrack.  

The Paradise soundtrack is definitely the weakest for licensed songs. But, I do like that they included the music from Burnout and Burnout 2 which are some of the best Game tunes going!

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I have the "seeing sounds" album already on the hard drive...now in game, where can I change the sound track.  I get in the sound track menu and I see nothin that says I can change the sound track


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If you have music on your hard drive you only have to access it via a press of the 'X' button on your joypad and pressing play on the command screen...if that makes any sense to anyone, you're a better person than me.

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They also included the original music from Burnout 3 Takedown which is in kind of the same style as the Burnout and Burnout 2 music. This music was removed from Burnout 3 when they included EA Trax and kept a secret until Paradise.

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