Is burnout trying to appeal more to the simulation gamer audience?

I think they are, while sstill trying to keep us arcade racers.  I am slowly getting over the fact that in Paradise, all the cars are diff and the driving is close to simulation cars or should I say trying to emulate real handing.  I was furious yesturday after work, a bit worried about someone. 


So I came home to play Paradise and could not control my cars that day.  Random parking on the streets and cars getting out of control.  So after a small mental tantrum...I realized...this is not the great burnoutdown...I must be like water in the cup that temporarily bound me called Paradise. So I said to myself, if they want to come close to simulation handling...then I'll think of it that way.  Soon, my driving improved and the mind was clearer and I had to adjust to pure reflex and intinct as in all burnout games (when you can drive without really looking, you can just feel when you need to turn or something). 


The huge map is nice to cruise, but when you are on a misson, and want to win a certain race, it sucks to have to go through another race that may not count just to get back the the race before.  The citizen drivers and really nervous and stupid, but that's a good thing if you are the marked man.  I just got Paradise last Friday, so I am still getting use to this new world, but watch out, because when I do get the full hang of it (get elite and beyond)'s on


Thanks to all that replied on the past posts.


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I don't think Burnout Paradise should be thought of as an arcade racer, although it isn't a sim either. You do definitely need to use your brakes to get around corners more than you did in any Burnout game that came before, but once you get the hang of that it still doesn't feel simmy.

I don't think I can really compare it to any other game I have ever played, and I think that is why it took me a long time to fully embrace it.

Keep at it, because once you have the city in your head, Paradise will give you a lot of rewarding gaming experiences!

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Thanks! So can it be considered a CROSSOVER game?


"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA