Burnout or Pure?

Simple as. I have 30 mins to decide whether to get Pure for £30 or re-buy revenge for £15

however this will be the 3rd time owning revenge the other 2 times I have 100% completed them (once on xbox then rebought on 360) so is it time to get pure cosidering i liked the demo and it's had some very positive responses and get revenge another day?

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I don't think you will be dissapointed.

But, you should try and pick up Revenge again at some point too.

Sorry if this advise was too late! hope you made a good decision! I think both games are great!!

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on one hand i say REVENGE as it is still AMAZING......but on the other id highly reccomend PURE?.......hard choice really i suppose it depends on when you intend buying the 2nd game of choice?.....if this is only going to be like a week or so then id recommend PURE simply because its a new game and its great and it also has a burnout feel to it.......but if it was going to be like 2 months?......id get revenge.......


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Get both eventually? Prices will go down. While you are at it, get takedown and the ORIGINAL REVENGE game. I like that Revenge better, just bc of the handling.

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I had no idea this place had forums lol.... and yeah I hope they make Pure 2... loved the 1st one