Burnout Community Videos

This section contains links to videos created by the Burnout Community. This can be tutorials, someone showing off their racing skills or maybe just a funny glitch. If you have a cool video from the Burnout series that you want to be included in this section just send a mail with the link to the video to clips@burnoutaholics.com. If you are not a member of BurnoutAholics.com you also need to include your gamertag in the mail.

Xandu - Perfect on Burning lap on White Mountain Forward (added 2007-01-01)
Xandu - Perfect on Preview lap on Central Route (added 2007-01-01, updated 2007-05-17) 
JwintooX - Burners guide to Eastern Bay Long Forward (added 2007-01-07)
Abernyte - Burnout Paradise - Ocean View Sign Jump (added 2009-02-12)

Stunt runs
brokengearbox - Burnout Paradise - 7 Million stuntrun in Speed class car (added 2009-06-03)

chinox666 - French ownage (added 2009-11-21)
chinox666Takedown compilation 2 (added 2009-11-21)
chinox666 - Whoa Toooo Fast (added 2009-11-21)
PsychedelicBabe - Girls racing night on Burnout Revenge (added 2008-07-28)
Rofer - White Mountain Forward (added 2008-01-06)
Xandu - Drift jumping in Burnout 3 Takedown (added 2007-06-08)
Xandu - Glitch on Alpine (Burnout 3: Takedown) (added 2007-05-17)