Burnout Revenge

Burnout Revenge is the fourth game in the Burnout series. The game was released on XBox and PS2 in September 2005 and on XBox 360 in March 2006. The game introduces new game play elements like traffic checking and vertical takedowns.

Burnout Revenge

There are 8 race locations with variations making 28 tracks in total. The offline game takes you on a world tour of the tracks which are set in Europe, Asia and the US. 

Each location has a challenge sheet which you have to complete to unlock special cars. There are 8 challenges on each sheet and the challenges cover the following game modes, races, traffic attacks, road rage and crash mode.

Each location also has a Takedown Book, like a photo album for your signature takedowns. There are 3 signature takedowns in each location, and these 24 signature takedowns count towards the 100% completion of the game. A signature takedown is a takedown in a specific place on the track, for example "Catch of the Day" is a signature takedown awarded for getting a takedown in the marina on Sunshine Keys.

The game has a ranking system, you work through the 10 ranks from Harmless to Dominator by earning stars through winning events. Having an Awesome rating by winning in style gives you the maximum amount of stars. Your rating is based on your oncoming, drifting, traffic checks, near misses and boosting.

Once you have completed the offline game, you are ready to pit your skills against the rest of the world. The online game is where Revenge really comes alive. Ranked racing is highly competitive, and thanks to "drift jumping" or "boost jumping" which is a glitch in the game that takes some time to master and allows you to shatter the cars top speeds, the game is given extra longevity.

Crash mode is also very popular online, there are three different online crash modes to choose from; Crash Battle, Crash Party and Crash Tour.

Road Rage can also be played online. There are 2 races in each round, the teams switch in the middle, so if you start on the Blue team in the 1st race, you will be on the Red team in the 2nd race. The host can lock the cars to the teams, and this lock stays the same when you change from Blue to Red, which opened this mode up to abuse. It is rarely used in ranked games due to this.

The online service for Burnout Revenge on XBox and PS2 was shut down in Fall 2007. The XBox 360 version of the game can still be played online and the online community is still very active. 

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