Weil3r's Guide to Utilizing the Brakes

Utilizing the Brakes - Advanced B3 technique

Burnout 3 Takedown driving technique (best to be used in conjunction with the World Circuit Racer): 

By Weil3r

This technique is recommended for turns that require significant drifting and turns which the World Circuit Racer has difficulty taking tightly due to it's tendency to slide wide while drifting.

When drifting corners the use of the brake is of utmost importance (especially when driving the World Circuit Racer). Obviously tapping the brake is necessary to begin your drift...but regaining your traction while in mid-drift by tapping the brake can be used to improve cornering. Despite the initial drop of speed you will experience by tapping the brake to reset your tires (and subsequently regain traction), your speed coming out of the corner will hit 220-226 if you time your boosting correctly ('correctly' meaning slam your gas/boost right after you tap the brake to align your car for the exit from your turn)...with this technique it is much easier to consistently exit a corner on the same line. You will also be able to hug corners extremely close, often-times allowing you to not worry about traffic because you are cutting it so close that you are in neither lane.

Please note that this technique can be used on any turn, but I've only noticed it actually helping my cornering on the turns described above (it doesn't seem to hurt my times either though). This technique can be combined with 'boost jumping' to get surprisingly high speeds (230+) on seemingly insignificant bumps/jumps. Be warned, however, that it takes a long time to master the timing...especially when trying to combine the two techniques.

Lastly, this technique can be used with any vehicle but I consider it most useful with the WCR...I also tentatively recommend it if you drive the Dominator Super, but for cars with exceptional drift-handling like the Euro and Assassin Super I see no need.

Here are two example clips:

Example 1

Example 2