Phew... I finally reached 97,35% (that's 9735 dominator points for the uninitiated ;-)) complete in Burnout Dominator. I only have the gold medal in the final event (1.000.000 maniac points in ONE event?!?!?!?) and ~1500 near misses left to complete, and both of those will come in time.


However, I have had the opportunity to refine my first impression of the game somewhat (found more annoying things etc...).


I still think that Burnout Dominator is the best Burnout game to date, but still a few things just baffle me..

  • The insanely annoying "freeze bug" which happens to me several times a day. For those of you who can thank your lucky stars that you haven't seen this yet, what happens is this: At random times during gameplay, the entire game freezes completely so that you have to hard-reset the psp to get it going again. More often than not, this happens just as you are about to crash or score a takedown, but sometimes it just happens when you're driving along safe and sound (ehem...) minding your own business. This bug made a nervous wreck of me when I was running road rage events through all the tracks to open up all the signature shortcuts. When I finally had opened the desired shortcut, how could I ensure that the freeze-bug didn't happen and I would loose my hard earned unlocked signature shortcut? I couldn't - and that made me nervous beyond the capacity to enjoy the game at this stage.
  • I am sad to announce that the Explosive Payback counter is bugged. When I first checked my Driver Details more closely and found that this counter was suspiciously low (it was 8 at the time), I set up a road rage event and counted the number of Explosive Paybacks the game reported to me (I got 5 of them during that event - and no, I didn't mistake any Instant Paybacks for Explosive Paybacks). After the event, I checked the driver details again, expecting the number to have increased to 12, but can anyone guess what the counter showed? Thats right! Not 12, not 11, not even 10, but 9 - NINE! That made me wonder if any of the more important counters in the game was similarly bugged. Not a good thought wouldn't you agree?
  • Have any of you jumped through the roof of a tunnel and fallen through the ground as a result in any of the earlier Burnout titles? Well, you can now rest assured that this glitch hasn't been fixed for Burnout Dominator as well... Nearly cost me the last race in a Grand Prix event aswell... Nearly ;-)
  • I am also amazed at the ease of which one can ram right through the "solid" big yellow turn markers which adorn many of the larger turns preventing you from entering off-limit areas of the tracks. Just hit one of them straight on as hard as you can, and you have, in my experience, a roughly 50% chance of driving straight through them. My personal best was achieving a speed of 740kph and an Extreme Air bonus falling off the end of the track after driving through one of these barriers.


The entire game leaves me sitting with a feeling that the game was rushed through QA without proper testing, probably to meet some EA regulated deadline, and thus released to market with some serious issues which sadly takes some of the joy out of this otherwise magnificent game. This saddens me immensely and I can't help thinking how much better the game would have been, had it not been for these bugs and the list of annoying things in my previous post.


I sincerely hope that Criterion Games will take these bugs to heart, fix them and release a patch for the game through Burnout HQ. I don't know if the game ever was intended to be updated in this fasion, but as a computer programmer, I know that technologically this isn't hard to achieve. They just have to make a new executable, and new version of any other files which have to be corrected to fix these issues, put them in the Game-directory of the memorystick on the PSP and get the user to start the game from memory instead of directly from the UMD. The rest of the files for the game will still be loaded from the UMD, so they don't have to worry about this being an opening to piracy, and the number of affected files should not be large, so this solution would not eat up a lot of space on your memorystick. This is my desperate hope for this game, although I know that this hope is probably in vain.


As I said earlier, all things considered, I still think that Burnout Dominator is the unequalled best Burnout game made to date, but it still struggles with too many superfluous flaws to be considered a truly great game. Had the game not had these flaws, it would surely have gone down in history as one of the greatest racing games of all times. It saddens me that sloppy QA-testing has bereft this game of that achievement.



Jasman - saddened burnout(dominator)aholic


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Since EA took over there have been bugs in all Burnout games. Takedown had its fair share of places where you fell through the floor, and you can drive through some yellow arrows and walls too. Revenge on the Original Xbox was a lot worse for falling through the floor, although a lot of the Revenge Bugs seemed to be better on the 360 you just need to take a look at our clips page to see that falling through the scenery is still a part of the game. And Revenge on the 360 freezes ALOT, this leads to a HUGE loss of rank in online games and is very frustrating! There is also a scoreboard bug on Revenge which will not record all of your best laptimes on the online scoreboard. I really hope as Paradise is being made from scratch for the next gen consoles that it will be perfected before release! and I hope they release a patch for Dominator too! well, we can live in hope :-)

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for some reason Zom's comment brought the images of cockroaches with the revenge race paint job on there backs.. maybe theres a new sport there.. everyone grab a roach (no not that type sufur), some enamel paint and start designing like Forza..

theres a thin line between genius and insanity... i think i've fallen off...

theres a thin line between genius and insanity... i think i've fallen off...

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Yes, sadly I know about most of the bugs in both Takedown and Revenge, and I think it's a shame that the quality of the games have decreased (just as some of us feared) when the big-shots at EA took over the franchise. I literally winced when I saw the EA-logo on the cover of Takedown, and I remember complaining about it to Xandu at length in the beginning (he tried his best to calm me down, but alas....). I finally settled down, knowing that there was nothing I could do but accept the fact that the best racing game series ever was now in the hands of the people who churn out new editions of lousy sports games more often than normal people change their socks... :-(

I must confess that the reason that i fret so much more about the bugs in Dominator, and forget about the fact that every EA-release of a Burnout game has been riddled with bugs, is that Dominator is the Burnout game that I've gained the highest percentage of game completion in (at the moment). I am also a proud member of the goldfish short-term memory association, so it's easy for me to forget bugs and other annoying things about a game if I haven't played it in a while. This can also have serious benefits as it enables me to have mostly fond memories about my Burnout game-playing experiences. ;-)

My only consolation at the moment is that I at least have my original Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Acclaim release) for the xbox to keep me warm while we're waiting for either a patch for Dominator (not likely - even Xandu confessed as much) or a perfect Paradise.

Hmm... I wonder why all my posts and comments always seem to grow in size to become an incomprehensible ranting or babbling without meaning or structure? I guess I just have to learn when to hold my tongue. ;-)

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