Cars, Cars and more Cars!

Todays update announcement is a suped up Hot Rod with a new type of re-imagined Boost.

Last week was Toy Cars, and the week before was Legendary Cars.

Burnout Paradise already has over 80 cars! Do we need or want more cars??

The Legendary Cars seem kinda cool, I like Back to the Future as much as the next person.. so that's all good.

Toy Cars still confuse me a bit, but I'm sure once we have them they will make more sense, I like the cartoony look to them, very Cars.

And the Hot Rod is intrigueing if only for the blue flame boost and what that could mean. I have never been a fan of the hot rods, so the hot rod itself doesn't interest me... I am more interested in that 2nd car that is mentioned.

Will next week bring even more Cars? What do you think of the announcements?

Check for all the details on the new cars due in 2009.

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And have to wait and see what the other one is, I already got 82 cars, some more is cool, and the Island will be interesting, wondering when are we going to get some more game play elements? Some idea we have not even thought of?

Maybe they changed the Hot Rod as it is now just a flat spinning car, but then again may be this is the spinner we are looking for, lol.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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But unless the cars also add significant gameplay, they wont really be worth buying IMO. crud!


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Any addition to the game is welcome, but you would have thought they would have bundled all the cars together (special, toy and new boost) in just one downloadable pack, but hey they have got to make some cash i guess, i wont be forking out three time for some gimmicky cars, its about time they got some stuff released so people would go back to playing the game again. Oh and did i mention that Alex Ward is a bully?

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The game doesnt need more Cars... It needs to be fixed, the takedowns fixed, the racing fixed, and for the love of God take that 5 second crash scene AWAY!!


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but what will it be?

Here's hoping it's not just more cars!

I am still waiting to be truly blown away by the updates tbh, I wish I loved Paradise more.

The Island still looks awesome, but I still think it is going to be quite a long wait before construction is completed on the bridge.

So, what is the last announcement going to be??? Can CG really surprise us with something amazing??

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Yeah, i'm pretty interested in all the new cars too.

Legendary cars: look really interesting, each has a special quality, though i wonder if the horn on the Cavalry Bootlegger will be any good, a horn? lol, seriously

Toy Cars: = lol?? these look totally goofy to drive, its these scrunched up cars that do look like they're from the movie Cars, but smaller lol. I'm sorta wondering how they will break when they crash, will the peices be the same as the normal cars but smaller? lol

Legendary Cars: to be honest, the hot rod looks pretty tight, well, if you're just goin straight, lol. It doesnt exactly look like somethin to drift in, haha.  But the new boost AND driving dynamics (specially for the boost specials) are intriguing.  They seem to have a new way of handleing and drifting, which may pose as a fun challenge to get a hang of.

But the new boost makes me wonder, what can a car already do that isn't covered by the previous boosts? is it a combo of all 3? doubt it. a refined version of stunt or agression or a mix of both? possibly. But I've had an idea, the only thing that doesnt get you boost currently is just driving fast. Seriously, in agression, stunt, and speed, you gotta drive fast, but if you just go in a staight line, then nothing happens.  I'm sorta guessing that whatever this new boost is, all you do to get more is to drive.  I mean, they are called "Boost" specials, right? they boost a lot? Then they probably get a lot too, dont they?  So I'm willing to guess that its either that, plus maybe the fact that the boost bar may go down reeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllyy slowly, so as to add more boost, bu i somewhat doubt that.

Boy, thinking about all the new surprises is gettin me axious for the update, lol. (Which may come out when I'm snowboarding for the day in the mountains several hours away, which is also really fun, and wouldnt mind missing some burnout for, lol)



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