The Island Wont be Free!

But it does look like alot of Fun! It looks like lots of work has gone into it, and I am looking forward to trying it out.

I do think it will be the most expensive of the downloads, my guess would be that it will be 1200 MS points. If it's cheaper then that I will be very happy - I love a good bargain!

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Free, Free, free, thats all we have heard from the arseholing fanboys on the doghouse forums. Don't get me wrong i dont mind paying for stuff that i know i will enjoy playing, what i don't like is being lied to for over six months, lets hope is worth it.

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NewsFlash!! NewsFlash!!


No amount of updates can bring Paradise out of the shit hole in has become....



I hope that worked up Kev....


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 Well, it's about time that Burnout Paradise DLC cost money.  EA and Criterion (unless Microsoft decides the costs) have been very generous about the DLC for the game so far.  I look forward to driving around the new island.

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I really think they should have sold the Bike Pack for a reasonable fee too, lots of Paradisians (I stole that term from someone else's forum post, I think it was over at the doghouse, I quite like it) would have paid money for the Bikes as they were all super excited about them.. I worry (although I'm not losing sleep over it) that by the time paid for DLC is released there will be a much smaller percentage of players who buy it just because the game is that much older and they have moved on to newer titles.

I know I haven't played Paradise in a while and probably wont until the DLC, but how many people who have stopped playing will come back for the DLC??

I hope the Island is awesome enough to give Paradise a bit more longevity... but like Frozen said on his comment to the Island story, I would prefer CG to start work on a new Battle Racing Burnout. The updates that we have had so far have helped Paradise's longevity for me, but both were quite short lived and haven't given Paradise enough to make me want to play every day online for hours.

I think I would be playing more Paradise now if the Bikes had not been released as the fog really puts me off playing the game.. which is why I would have preferred the Bike pack being premium!

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The fact they have changed that must mean, it's worth paying for? I will wait and see, but thought we would get some racing game play? Thrown in?

Burnout 3 and Revenge and Point of Impact were great racing games, why have then not been used as examples, to put in Paradise, because Paradise is not a racing game!

Some people like it, the racing that has been set up, but the protests to get it fixed are falling on deaf ears, because that is the way it's supposed to be, end off, we have been banging the drum for a year almost, and this is going to be good as it gets?

I liked how MCLA is set up, with check points, land marks, and stuff in between type racing, and is so close to what i though open sand box racing was all about, I fail to see why Paradise, did not have similar. The only things missing in MCLA, is the great crashing stuff, and handling ala Burnout, with the drifting style. OK 60 fps, but MCLA runs at 30 fps right, and seems to run great? Some fun multiplayer modes too, like capture the flag etc, great use of space game play, Pardise has the road rage element, so sort of similar,  but because of lag, or something else it does not work? I just don't get it, what was the point of Paradise?

Instant joining, open game play, branding, gaming house, and was a strong fan base? I know there is more but it seems so laid back for a "racing game", that it does not rock the jollies, compared to the older games or competitors games, old and new.

It's an interesting experiment, and i have enjoyed it, but have only put it in once since i got back, and since none of my friends were about to dick about with, i went to play something else.

So a free island, was what i was holding for, now it's not, we will have to wait and see, weither i bother to find cash for it?

From what I have seen, looks worth the money, but at the most for me, i see maybe a month game play, even less because i'll hammer it in a few days, find hidding spots, find the big jumps, do my flaties and barrels and game play, records and then look else where. While bytching with my firends about why we had to pay for it, lol.

I did the same when the first disk came out, if i bothered to take pictures of all my hidding spots, i would have been an elite poster, and been caught in the etyhs storm too. And since i don't flat spin of wall edges and stuff, i have nothing to boast about. Then again still got 3 RR to do and maybe test that theory that the Plat. and Gold, have better handling, lol. And bike times to drop, but why bother? This game just sits wrong with me, has since it pre-launched, it was not the game i was looking for. Its a good game, but just does not give me the buzz the hype was supposed to bring. It did for others, and i have had fun playing it, but its what me and friends, or friends and i, made of it, as a social gathering spot, and thats it, game play has been exausted. And await episode ? to try again?

Rabbling, have been for days, need to find something constructive, cya!

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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 I can't wait for the new island, partly because I just found where the bridge is going to be.

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tbh i'll be buying it, paying for stuff is fine but i was just a little annoyed that we was told it would be free for ages. I'll be buying all the packs regardless i just hope they release them all at the same time instead of one by one, it would be frustrating to shell out for them all then they release a discount bundle pack

i wouldn't have minded paying for davis zombie tron my only niggle with it are the gameplay was a lil short and you can't turn off the fog as i like the visual of it whilst freeburning but racing and road times during it were near impossible.

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Lol, i actually when out and got $50 worth of microsoft points for this, even though i'd have a ton left over.

Even though they probably said the island would be free, they've said it was gonna be premium for a long time now. same with all the cars. Though it was confusing when they said free updates, which turned out to be the system updates lol.

Either the fact that I've already got the money, or that its such a big update, having the island not be free, or any of the cars for that matter, it wouldnt seem so special if it was free. I mean, its like map packs in halo or something, they make u feel a bit better when you have them because a lot of people dont.

Same with the cars, they look really interesting.  Though i wouldn't say the same for the bikes pack, which seemed sorta too specific to have to be paid for to be aquired.

All in all, i look forward to the new update, and i have enough MS to buy it all, lol, which is probably what i'll do.