Burnout Paradise on PC

Howdy Burnout Addicts.

I'm new to the series. Reason being is that I'm a PC gamer so I haven't experienced any of the Burnout games but that is about to change come February '09 when Paradise hits the PC.

So I got  a few questions.

First, how large is the Paradise map, is it as big or bigger than Test Drive Unlimited?

Paradise looks a lot like Flatout and Flatout 2. Is the gameplay the same as FO?, (car handling, damage engine..etc, etc. )

I have read that Paradise is less about racing and more about cruising. Is this true?

To be continued.........


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Hmm, 20+ views and no replies. So much for a friendly welcome.

But that's cool. I can wait till Feb. when the Free trail is released and find out for myself.


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OK, the reason why I didn't reply earlier is cos I haven't played Test Drive Unlimited so I don't know how big that is to be able to compare them.

Paradise is big enough, and there is an Island extension coming out next year which makes it even bigger.

I don't think its much like FlatOut, but I guess it's not too unlike it if you want to compare the handling to other car games. Paradise does have arcade style handling...

I would say try the demo before you buy as the demo is gonna be huge and it will give you a good idea of what the full game is like.

For a lot of Burner's who are used to racing on Burnout 1 - Revenge, the racing on Paradise doesn't compare, but a lot of players who are new to the Burnout series really like the racing in Paradise. There is racing there, so if you like racing in Paradise it can be all about the racing for you. With Paradise you play it your way! There are lots of different things you can do in the game.

I hope you enjoy it when you try the demo!

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WooHoo, I got a reply.

Well I'm an arcade racer, GRiD is my game of choice at the moment. Been arcade racing since Midnight Club 2. I've played most of the NFS series, Flatout, World Racing 2, Trackmania, Colin Mcrea Rally, Race driver 3, MXvsATV, just to name a few. May get PURE if I can find a cheap copy on eBay.

Anyways BO Paradise looks like a great game. What custom features does it offer, track editor , car customization and or skins?

Seems to be a lot of shall I say jealously coming from the hardcore Burners over Paradise, enough to make Criterion close down it's forum.  Could a lot of that be because Paradise is coming out on PC and they we may get a better version of the game or that we may be able to do more with it as far a modding goes?  I'm not into modding a game right off the bat but I know some who are. Some will not even own a game if it can't be modded.

Oh you can bet I will give the demo a shot.

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There are no car "skins" but there are colour schemes for all the cars, and I've read somewhere that they have taken all the walls out of the p.c version which we have to contend with in the console version,  so it really will be free roam.

As for modding, give it a couple of weeks after realease and there will be plenty, i;m gonna try the demo, only because my p.c is hooked up to my big telly.

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I think no walls refers to the demo, it will be the whole city, not just the beach bit like the console demo was.

I don't think it's jealousy, unless it's jealousy that Burnout Paradise is getting a lot more post-release support and extra content which Burnout Revenge fans would have liked to have seen on Revenge.

Criterion closed their forum IMO because of the abusive posts which were completely unwarranted. I think CG should have taken a look at other official forums, as from what I have heard all of them are pretty vile! Most of the abuse was posted by new players (ie Paradise players) to the series as far as I am aware.

I wont be getting the PC version, but I will be interested to see what differences it has to the console release.. especially to see if the planes etc will get into the PC version.

I would recommend PURE, it's a lot of fun!

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Driving around the outer circumference of the map will take around 5 minutes (can be done faster). Crossing the map at the widest will take 1.5 - 2 minutes.  I haven't played Test Drive Unlimited for a while but I think driving around the island takes 25-30 minutes? It is always hard to compare size of maps in games like this because of scale, speed etc. but I think you can safely say that Paradise City is much smaller then the map in Test Drive.

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1.5 to 2 mins, hmm....

Yes that is small compared to TDU but TDU is a different kind of racing game too. It can be rather boring if ya know what I mean.

I been excited about Paradise coming to PC. I heard nothing but rave reviews about the others in the BO series and often wondered why they weren't on PC.

Thanks for the replies.

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It is not all about the size. As ZombieTron said the map is big enough and there are lots of cool things to see and do. Also since the map isn't super sized it does not take long until you know all the roads and shortcuts.

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 I find the map to be fairly big.  I mean, another popular open world game called Crackdown still has a very detailed map, yet you can drive to the other side in a few minutes.  Even though Pacific City is small compared to other games, that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot to explore.

The time it takes to get across Burnout Paradise's... Paradise City... greatly depends on the driver's skill, the car being used, the driver's knowledge of the city, and so forth.  Me, it would take me more like 4 to 5 minutes to get across, hoping that I don't get lost.

Speaking of getting lost, Paradise City's streets are varied- this is not like driving through GTA IV's version of Manhattan, where it's a huge grid of streets and buildings.  Paradise still has some mostly straight roads, but you need to stay sharp if you don't want to crash.

And by the way, Paradise gives a great sense of speed.  I won't tell you exactly why, but I tend to avoid the faster cars because the sense of speed can be a little overwhelming to me...

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 Sweet, me likes Speed

That's great to here Gravy (excuse me if I don't add the number of the Beast to your nick, nothing personal.) I love flying though the tunnels in Track Mania Sunrise Extreme at 400kph. So fast it has a tunnel vision effect on your eyes. What a RUSH!

Yes along as there is plenty to do in a map it will be more enjoyable. TDU is a lot of out in the country driving. Nice view but I can do that in real life just not in Hawaii.

Thanks for your input.


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the thing with pc is the control pads available are normally horrible but it's great you just get the drivers off the internet and use your 360 or ps3 control pad to play it on the pc

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Never used the pad controllers myself. All ways used a Joystick.

Is there an official release date yet?

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The PC version of Paradise and the PC demo are due for release in February 2009.

You can see all the news and screens HERE

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We got a release date, 2/6/09!



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Question about vehicles in flight, can you control the vehicles in mid air, or do they pretty much go where they want?

I was watching some BO vids on youtube just now and it looks like you have some control over the car/bikes while in the air.

Still no word on the free trail.

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Older Burnout-games (more precise: B3 Takedown and Revenge) had the so called "Impact-Time" where you could control your car after a crash to score "Aftertouch-Takedowns" (a way to crash your opponents with your own car and scoring a "Takedown"). This is no longer possible in Paradise since Impact-Time and Aftertouch-Takedowns are removed from the game.

Other than that you only have control about the amount of barrel-rolls you can do in mid-air, when your car's "rolling" already (it'll start to when you use a ramp for it, but will stop just after the first barrel-roll. Can be controlled to do double or triple-barrel-rolls).

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