set 10 time road rules offline

hi i need help i have got all silver on every road and about 10 in gold i now how 2 activate the offline time rules but its not giving me the trophy 4 it i started the game from scratch when the trophies came out plz can some1 help me thx


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First of all, you don't really activate offline road rules, they are always initiated

second of all, silver just means that you have a showtime record or a road rule record, one or the other, ot both, which is gold

third of all, when you go to your map of paradise, switch through to see where you're gotten an offline road rule, and where you havn't, just go there and get one

Also, I have this game for the 360, not the PS3, but its pretty much the same, except for the controls




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You need to be signed in to your online account to get the trophy, but playing offline.
If you can, back up your save data, delete it from your hard drive and start again. Do the 10 road rules, get the trophy, then quit the game. Delete the game data you JUST created and replace it with your original from your backup. Hey presto you have your trophy