The new Update & ROAD RAGES

Who is with me in thinking that road rages are fine as they are? Please respond to this if you agree there's no need to get rid of the timer once the target has been achieved, and that being able to score well over 100 takedowns during an event is bl**dy good fun! This is my online petition to SAVE THE ROAD RAGE! You know it makes sense, please reply positively.

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Although the changes will make Offline Road Rage more like how it used to be in Burnout 3 and Revenge, I don't see the point of changing it now... and enforcing everybody to have the changes.

CG should of thought more about how they wanted the game to be, and spent more time developing it in the first place if they weren't happy with how the offline game worked.

How Road Rage works now in Paradise, you can keep going when you have reached the target total and you can go on to score phenomanal high scores. If you want to stop at the target total, you can just pull over and the event will come to an end.... you don't have to keep going if you don't want to.

The changes mean you wont be able to keep going even if you want to, so I think it is a shame as the Paradise model allowed marathon Road Rage events and a lot of people enjoyed playing on to see what kind of crazy totals they can get.

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I agree, Road Rage is fine the way it is!I have had 220 takedowns, and have had over 100 many times, it is a blast!

There is absolutely no reason to change it, it was not broken.I will be trying to break my record before the update, because after that, you will be lucky to get 80, or 90, and those totals are unrealistic.

Instead of punishing those who get awesome totals, give us a reward for breaking 100, like a free repair, or more time, like an extra minute added!

Road Rage is one of the best things in the game, and they jacked it all up.

Whoever thought this change up at CG should be fired!

We want more options, not restrictions, and give me a fog off button for God's sake!

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Well said and the constant fog is really annoying, too. Good point. I didn't buy this game 12 months ago because it's called BURNOUT: CLOUDY. I don't remember the last time I played in non-foggy conditions. Adding weather was a great idea, but surely some sunlight could have been left in.
I am VERY tempted not to do the update and continue to play offline and break my records. It would truly be a shame to lose access to such a vast online community but for the sake of enjoying the game, I feel there really is no alternative.

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It is tempting not to go on line after the update, but you know sooner or later, you will, because it is our nature as burnoutaholics.I would like to see how many takedowns I can get with the restrictions.So far I have not come close to 200, but I am trying to break my 220 record offline.

CG should have optioned Road Rage where we could switch off takedown limits, and have a marathon of carnage as we see fit.Damn!,quit messing with the stuff in the game that doesn't need to be messed with!And on the subject of fog, your right it's not Burnout cloudy, it's "Paradise", except for the fog right.The fog was fun for two minutes.I would rather have freakin rain, or high wind in the mountains, if we wanted trouble seeing the road you could have just tinted our windows, and run on first person view!

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I agree with doger455 i believe you should be able to choose to have the updated time stop or have the ability of trying to hit as many as you can, i do see the reason of doing it as i would liked to have this when i was doing the licences, but then i just pulled up and stoped. But when i was doing it for fun i enjoyed having a rolling timer to see how many i could get. But im sure the update will be fun to see how many i can get after the target is achieved so the people that take them down the fastest will have the higher scores.