Boycot PARADISE 1.6 it's not for elite gamers who enjoy the series, it's for kids. Don't update and don't buy the partypack. TWEENIES:PARADISE should have been released as a seperate game, not an update. I'm guessing the CRITERION team are lowering the games age rating, too (Yes, I know it's 3+).


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unfortunately, or fortunately... I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know which. It is a compulsory download for online play, which means I wont be boycotting it, and I doubt anyone else will either.

tbh I think I will prefer the way 1.6 looks to the way the Bike pack looked as there was way too much fog and the night was way too dark for my liking. I like bright colours, Burnout 3: Takedown is bright and beautiful! So, if Paradise looks anything like that I will be happy.

I personally don't like the new billboards much, I really like the old billboard design, but until I play the update I will not know if this really detracts from my gaming experience.

Sorry you don't like the update, hopefully the next Burnout game (if there is one) will be more to your liking!

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Thanks to the latest edition, I can now play on my PC. Boycott?! I've been frothing at the mouth to play it, but I refuse to own a console...I spend enough on computers...I don't need another money sink. ;)


No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead


No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

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Dude, Lofty, I don't know what display settings you use for your TV, or brightness settings you have on the game, but to be honest, the looks are much better than they were previously.  And unless you can't just try and tweak the contrast level on your TV, or your brightness level on your game, then you really shouldn't have much to complain about.
For me, the increased color hue much helps in terms of visualization, and I am totally glad they had that update. So, for your own enjoyment, put some effort into some display settings.
Seriously, dont complain about something if you havn't tried all the solutions, and if you have, well, im sorry, but to be honest, you are sort of a minority in this.

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I'm not going to sacrifice my road rages, that's my main gripe. I can alter the display, but it's all about the takedowns

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we shunt after alter our displays theres nowt wrong wi me other games and he right about the road rage they shudda made it optional like press a certain button to quit once target reached if u wanted to .


initially i was gonna boycott but i needed to see it first hand to beable to comment plus ar lass bought it me for my birthday last year and she gonna kill me if i du t play it


the billboards ar well annoying again ill state that ultimo and wonderbra were banned from roadsides for the distractive reason fair enuff glow if unbroke but dont flicker once smashed geez


hopefully CG will re alter the little problems of flickering billboards and road rage in later updates thats if folk let them know its a problem directly but wud they listenen only time will tell

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EDIT:  I changed my mind.  I love how the cars handle now, it's a lot more satisfying to have a good car now.

But now the only thing I'm protesting about is the PCPD pack only coming out on the PC and PS3.

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one thing I noticed is that  prominantly the people who dislike things post more about it...

Plus I don't see how the billboards are annoying, Yeah they flicker, but its definately not something I'm bothered about.

Plus the car dynamics were mainly changed for the earlier cars, overall I find little differance in the cars, I just dont find the new dynamics hard or anything.

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i downloaded to 1.6  and bought the party pack and now i have only

takedowns   1

rivals   49

events  2

won     1

criterion lists my stats at the same time as..

Takedowns 5779
Number of times taken down 4789
Events started 311
Number of rivals 49


where did my takedowns to to and events..

anyone else had this problem


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"one thing I noticed is that  prominantly the people who dislike things post more about it..."

It's something prolific on gamer forums known as "The Vocal Minority". Usually, it has to do with the loudest and most prolific voices coming from the few people that dislike something so much it throws them into a fit of pique... *shrugs*

I'm never sure if it's sourced from hardcore fans who don't understand fully what it takes to make and develop a game, having to especially be careful of maintaining a certain balance and progression, or if it's people who just like to rant. Generally, I like to dream it's largely the former, but it's not always the case. So, I never pass judgement on a single person or post as to which it is... I'm a poor judge of character sometimes so I generally like to keep my mouth [fingers] shut...

Most of the time, anyway. hehe

...and by the way... What's this always with the Boycotting... When do we get to Girlcott something?! Huh?! HUH???


No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

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Plus I really doubt Criterion changed the visuals as much as the people disliking it say they did.  Seriously, if you look at all the videos, and even my TV screen, everything looks improved, just a little lighter than usual, no over-do's, no mistakes. From what I can very, very, very clearly see, everything is good, and trust me i do have good TV visuals.  Plus, just look at all the videos on Youtube of the update, they look almost exactly like it does for me (well, actually those videos are a bit brighter and the colors stand out too much for them), and it is totally an update worth being grateful for.

To be honest, I think it is the hardware or settings that make some people totally hate the visuals, NOT the game. Or they're just too picky.

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I don't have any complaints about the update. Everything I've noticed has improved for the better. Everything's much better IMO.  Plus, I'm so happy they finally put in the option to restart an event.