Just a suggestion....

Zombs, or Xan..... Sorry to be a pain.. but Ive never really realized thsi before.... This is just a suggestion and whether you guys choose to change it or not is completely up to you... Either way, I dont see a problem with the setup right now...

I was referring to the recent comments section on the right side of this webpage... It just seems kind of short maybe because back then there really wasnt too many members when we all started... but now with a lot of members in this site, people are actually posting more comments lately... It just seems to me that the recent comments section is a little short and comments that were added a few moment ago will disappear that we have to click on the more link to show whats going on... Maybe, just maybe... we need to lengthen that a little bit more, so we could see more comments recently placed.. Thank you...


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Thanks for the suggestion Jinno, I will have a word with Xandu later to see how possible it is, and whether we want to do it anyway??

In the mean time a good work around for seeing New Comments that you might have missed is to click on the Blogs tab in the left hand menu, this shows all recent blogs and shows the number of comments for each blog and if there are any New Comments that you haven't read yet.

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Would this work? Third item down in the community menu. Just added it now

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