I am Jumping Hawker and I am a BurnoutAholic.....

Pardon my ignorance, but is the gamertag generator for making a BurnAholic handle or does it actually find available gamertags on xbl if you want to change it?  What/where do we use it (for), once it's generated?  Sorry if this is a double post.

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But if you want to set up a gamertag using our generator then that's fine by us!

We set it up just as a bit of fun for the site, it's one of our oldest features, although we do add more words to it from time to time as new Burnout content comes out.

We could probably do with adding some more Paradise words in there, I don't think we have looked at it for a little while.

My gamertag now brings up this response:

My name is Wicked Watt and I am a BurnoutAholic.

My real name brings up this response:

My name is Special Revenge and I am a BurnoutAholic.





Ok, thanks for quick reply.  

teh caek iz mien

teh caek iz mien