Trouble with a billboard in Downtown!

I'm having trouble getting my last billboard in downtown. It's number 50 on the map that I got from here at Burnoutaholics, and it's right in the heart of downtown near the mall. It's up high and I have no idea how to get to it.

I tried the nearby parking garage and I also tried going different ways through the train tracks and above the mall.

I'm clueless as to what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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For some reason not all the numbers are showing up for me so I'm not sure which one you're referring to. But if you still need help with it send me a friend request (PSN: Abernyte) and I'll be happy to give you a hand. I just went through all of the smashes/billboards/jump again for the PC version so the locations are all still fresh.

I'm on EST and should be on this afternoon after 1:00 PM


Ok, I'm showing number 50 in the Naval Yard.  If that's the case, start at the East end of the South Bay Bridge and proceed East.  Keep an eye on the right hand side as you go, you should eventually see an alley that angles South-Easterly with some shipping containers stacked up, drive down the right hand side of the alley and the top of the billboard should be visible.  Just keep driving and you will take it out.  (As a side note this alley is a great location to help end up a million point stunt run as well if you keep going through the yard after jumping in the quarry.)  Hope this is the correct board and this helps you out.  Good Luck



teh caek iz mien

teh caek iz mien

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I got it from number 50 on this map here:


I haven't got a chance to go back and play yet, but thanks for the help guys. I'll update if I find it, and I'll definitely add you on PSN!

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That one is kind of tricky.

You start by getting on the elevated railway at around where sign #44 is. If you travel straight west under boost, the railway will make a 90 degree left turn. You want to just go straight right onto the upper gallery of the shopping center. turn off boost but keep going to the other end and aim for the right corner of the jump at the far end of the gallery. Hit boost about halfway to the ramp to maintain speed without going so fast you can't stop ikn time when you land. (YMMV depending on car) When in mid air, prep for a right turn and e-brake app as you land. You should land on the roof and come to a stop as that large building's overhang starts turning right. Just follow that overhang to the right and there you are.

This took me about 3 shots to get right with the Hawker Solo...


No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

No more games, no more teasing. Time to play...time to die. --Pinhead

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I got it! Thanks khanon for the detailed advice! It worked perfectly and I got it on my first try! I tried going above the mall before but didn't think going to the right would land me there. 

Thanks for the help everyone! This website rules hahaha.