Something's coming Monday

On another forum, I heard that something big is coming Monday, and that we should "back up our saves"
Looks like another major update, and it is also the day in which the next crash TV will be released.

Could this be the day when the other DLC is finally released?

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They'd suddently release more DLC this monday? Oh god. -gets backups-

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That would be great. I doubt we'll be getting everything at once that's been announced, but maybe some new cars and/or the island would be awesome. I doubt we'll be seeing Cops and Robbers on Monday, though.

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I hope we do get more dlc today but i dunno what wud actually make ppl think theyd release more now. Surely criterion themselves wud have sed something

<<<--- eagerly awaiting the islanddddddd =D


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Here is what I heard:

Time Savers Pack and Legendary Cars pack out in Feb. Toy Cars and Boost Specials out in March. Big Surf Island out in May. Then I guess cops and robbers will be after that.

I am waiting til the Crash TV today to see if Criterion announce any dates, I doubt anything will be released today as you would have thought they would give us some warning.