Hello, BurnoutAholics!

 Greetings people of BurnoutAholics! :D I am GTD-Carthage but my saying that makes it rather redundant. I've recently picked up Burnout Paradise for PC, a game I've been wishing for to come out here since the console versions first came out a year ago. I had been a frequent lurker of this site in the past few weeks and I just gathered enough courage to register here especially after hearing a mention of this place through the in-game Crash FM radio - for which I'd like to congratulate the site members and administrators for. :)

Much like everyone else who has arrived, I'm looking for people to buddy with and people who probably wouldn't toss a middle finger as a mugshot. :P I also hope for a warm welcome as its my first time in an online Burnout community - as from my observation, I will humbly state that the community seems to be a little fractured between Burnouts and platforms and there's even a debate over how the new patch 1.6 is for "noobs" which I'd rather avoid discussing.

Now I wouldn't say I'm a worthy Burnout fan or a "Burner" as there seems to be qualifications to earn those titles but I will say I've been wading through traffic since Burnout 3: Takedown. I've played Revenge on PS2, Dominator PS2 and PSP, and Legends on PSP. Burnout is my favorite series of car games and I love each and every Burnout game I've played so far on their own. The series has always had a good, lasting, "impervious" impression on me and I hope joining here was the right choice. :)

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I think you made the right choice!

This is definitely my favourite Burnout fansite, I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.

I am very happy to hear that our mention wasn't cut out of the Ultimate Box.

We were lucky enough to be the first fans to be invited to Criterion Games offices prior to Burnout Paradise being released, we had a great weekend meeting the team and playing the game.

Unfortunately tho, after Paradise was released it has not had the same impact on me that the previous Burnout titles have had, and I have been a little critical, and sadly I doubt I will be invited back anytime soon!

We have a quite a lot of PC players here, so I hope you can find some cool people to play with!