$2,147,483,647 (?) in Showtime!

Hello, BurnoutAholics again! Before I decided continuing on posting up here, I tried attaining 100% completion first on my Paradise game.

Being that there was no other thing to do after that, I tried to pull-off something that at least would prove myself a little more worthy. So I give you guys, a 2-billion (?) crash record in showtime!


Showtime Theatre: Toll Booths Between I-88 Section 1 and 4   /   Buses Hit: 201   /   Distance: 18,462 yards   /   Vehicles Hit: 5,707   /   Vehicle Damage: $17,651,000

Pictures: (I took shots on different "Checkpoint Areas" - supposedly every 25 buses but, it didn't happen. :P )

25 Buses Hit - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc25.jpg

51 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc51.jpg

78 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc78.jpg

100 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc100.jpg

126 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc126.jpg

145 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc145.jpg


(I was supposed to stop at 150 so I took lots of pictures at this point.)


155 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc155.jpg

159 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc159.jpg

160 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc160.jpg

188 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc188.jpg

198 - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v733/gtdcarthage/happyfunshowc198.jpg

I was not able to take a screenshot of the 201 mark and the final tabulation of my scoring - however, I was able to make a lousy HyperCam video that was at least clear enough to make out the numbers. :) (I may soon be uploading it to YouTube.) The output quality of the video is rather upsetting but what's more upsetting is that my score didn't get saved. (I almost pulled my hair out. I will not attempt again if that's the case.) :( These pictures I show to you and the video I am currently processing are my only proofs for this.

This is actually the result of my visiting YouTube and finding people bragging about Showtime records - everything is there from just ten-millionths up until 1.6-billion - the highest I've seen there. Honestly, this record of mine is NOT for bragging but for self-proving (though it does come with some bragging rights - won't let in to it.) - and I HAVE to tell someone about it to make my effort worth it and BurnoutAholics is the place. So I'd like to disclaim - this record I made is not for "LOL I'M A BETT3R R4CER TH4N U, U NUB!" but "Hey guys! I'm having fun in Paradise City!".

Lastly, please take it easy on criticizing and drilling my current effort as I'm not good at defense. :P I will update again with the video soon enough.


I took some time to debate upon the actual scores because I'm also wondering how the scoring ended up as "$2,147,483,647" (the last two digits are always supposed to be zeroes, right?). The total damage without mutlipliers is $19,499,200. When I multiply 201 to it, it actually becomes $3,919,339,200!


Looking back at my programming courses, I realize 2,147,483,647 is actually the upper limit of a signed 32-bit integer. O_o 


Okay, so the YouTube highest isn't actually 1.6-Billion





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The I-88 is known for such ridiculous scores. I got 111 million on one of the section's because you keep getting cars when you go into oncoming. And most likely those cars go so fast that they crash into you as ordered. I had 1000 cars crashed by then, but had to stop at 1000 because of school. lol


BP PC gamer. IGN: PhotonKitsune

BP PC gamer. IGN: PhotonKitsune

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Ahh, so that's what Showtime is all about.

It should be called "Crash everthing is sight Time". LoL

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I personally don't think Showtime's a good replacement for Crash mode myself. Showtime's just a different mode entirely. One thing I definitely miss in BP are Crashbreakers! Maybe they should have made Showtime mode like the classics - instead of "breaking ground" to bounce-off your vehicle unrealistically, let's say you have to Crashbreak on an intersection - earn a new Crashbreaker depending on a slowly increasing number of cars piling up needed to restore your Crashbreaker. Let's say the mode ends if you failed to attain the next threshold needed for a Crashbreaker.

Or better yet, here's a novel idea: reintroduce Aftertouch, Crashbreakers, and a true Crash mode through DLC! =D

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Don't feel bad about your score not being saved, it happened to me 3 times now on I-88.Over a billion, and no save.I am interested to know if you are using Xbox 360, because that is what I'm using.This also happened in a stunt run that I was doing with 599 burnouts, to try and get over a billion.It did not save it the first, or second time.I think I was spending to much time in Wildcats stadium doing burnouts, and the game did not like that, so after I got the score I wanted, I left the stadium, and went around downtown doing more stunts, until I crashed, but it saved it that time!Maybe we are spending too much time on one road,(I-88), and need to get off of it, and showtime on some other streets once you have reached your desired score.Good luck, that is alot of time invested to be crushed at the end.

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The unsavable billions score seems to happen on every platform. (I'm on the PC.) Particularly on the PC, multipliers don't even appear on the score screen when they reach 100. :\ I tried doing tons-of-Burnouts through nonstop drifting as well but at some point, the Burnouts just seem to tire out. (usually at 3 Burnouts - could it be the result of the 1.6 patch?)

Anyone crazy enough to do it out there can easily beat billion-scores like mine especially if they follow the route I did or any similar place. Pretty soon, we can expect someone with a trillion. (Which I'm guessing needs up to 400 or 500 buses? Well, that's no go for me because I've quit record breaking the time that happens!)

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That's excellent showtime, I'm still only getting about 4 million, oh well! maybe in about another 10 years I'll get there. LOL

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I miss Crashbreakers and Aftertouch too...

Actually, I don't miss the need to "grab" the fixed location icons for multipliers and Crashbreakers...Buses, as multipliers, in BP aren't fixed to one spot so it's easier to blow your score up in that respect.  Signs, on the other hand, are fixed but at least they're plentiful.

Floating point 32 bit integer for the WIN!

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These scores you guys are getting in Stunt Run and Showtime are ridiculous.  I was starting to feel I was pretty good at Burnout but you guys just humbled me. :)