Burnout paradise freezing? (360)

My burnout keeps freezing while i'm playing, but in two different ways.

The first one is that my car just stops driving but i can still boost, and the ticker shows i'm still drifting, oncoming etc. This usually last for 10-30 seconds and then i can continue driving.

The second one is that everything freezes except the music. This will last around 30 seconds, and after that i can play but everything is going 3 times as fast for as longs as it froze.

This mainly occurs while in online freeburn and it happends at leass twice an hour and  up to 10 times an hour. I think it started to happen after one of the updates last month, i guess 1,7. It can't be a scratched disk because it is installed on my harddrive.

Has anyone got  the same problems or some tips to solve this?

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Yeah it's just happened to me whilst i was sitting waiting in a ranked room.

Usually the start sequence crashes.


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I have this every now and then as well (not 30 sec though). I'm not 100% sure but for me it seems to happen when certain players  leave or enter the room. I don't think I have had this even five times yet, but it started after one of the recent updates. I guess it could be a bug or server issues (or a combination of both).


I have also noticed that the tiny jump/freeze, which was fixed with on of the early updates, that happens at certain loading points of the map have returned.


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It happens more often than not in ranked races.

//-- Life of a Glasgow Flash Developer http://www.scotflash.co.uk/blog