What about the Island are you most looking forward to?

The 15 New Events
4% (16 votes)
The 10 New Freeburn Challenges
3% (12 votes)
Getting the 12 New Road Rules
2% (7 votes)
Collecting all the Discoverables
18% (79 votes)
Freeburning in a new Playground
35% (153 votes)
The 9 New Cars
39% (168 votes)
Total votes: 435


Paul-Ferrie's picture

Great to see all we want is somewhere new to play.


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masher22's picture

I was very surprised when I unlocked the Toy Nighthawk for doing all the road rules, didn't think they would have included any toy cars with the Island. I found out whilst burning around that the thing is indestructable. I crashed into a wall at top speed and it was a driveaway lol, fun.

theelliyworkshop's picture

yerh this little baby will take on the full size nighthawk it is indestructable, So long as you have full boost and it can turn on a dime, Ready for the next attack.

very funny.lol