Two of the New Island Cars Revealed


Criterion Games have released details of two more of the nine cars coming with Big Surf Island. These two you will have to work for, they will be unlockable within Big Surf Island.

The first is the Hunter Olympus Governor. This is the Olympus with a twist, not only does it feature a camo livery, but it also comes with BOOST! Stunt Boost to be precise. They go on to state that this vehicle is virtually impossible to wreck, so it must be as tough as old boots.

The second is the Carson Annihilator Street Rod. This is a Speed Boost car. To see the pics of these cars head over to


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The new Crash TV that was released yesterday announces the souped up Dust Storm that you get for winning the Dust Storm burning route on Big Surf Island.

Dust Storm SuperTurbo - This is a stunt boost car, a stripped down matt black version of the Dust Storm.

There are another few tidbits from the Crash TV episode, they go through the new events, Island Tours. As the Island doesn't have the same grid style intersections and there are off-road sections, there are now visible checkpoints. These come in the form of BIG orange arrows coming from the sky down to street level, the finish line has BIG red arrows. This changes the look of the game quite significantly. Personally, I really like it! Visual checkpoints that you can see from far away will make navigating without using the mini map a whole lot easier!

Reward for completing 500 challenges??? Island Pete hints that he would love to reward us for completing the 500 challenges, they do not state that there is a definite reward, but I think the hints are strong enough to give us motivation to get on the Bikes and get the rest of our challenges done!

Next weeks episode will be a noobs guide to the Island.

Crash TV Episode 34

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There are Toy versions of the Legendary cars available to unlock on the Island. These are theĀ other cars:

Find all the 15 Mega Jumps to unlock Toy Bootlegger (Dukes of Hazard)

Find all 45 Billboards to unlock Toy Jansen P12 Special (Back to the Future)

Find all Island Smashes to unlock Toy Manhattan Spirit (Ghostbusters)

Complete All Road Rules to unlock the Toy GT Nighthawk (Knightrider)

The P12 Diamond Edition seems to be awarded for completion of challenges.

With the Dust Storm that makes your 9 new cars with the Island.