As we have seen the Burnout series has come a long way since it all began in 2002, but strangely we find that the latest generation have actually started to go back to some of the old ways. Generation 4 must be said to be the generation furthest away from the original game, maybe just a bit too far away, as Criterion decided to check their history books to find out how Burnout was meant to be played in 2002 and incorporated some of the original ideas back into the fifth generation. 

It will be quite exciting to see what they have in store for us for the sixth generation game – Burnout Paradise which we all hope will be out in time for Christmas 2007. I must say that the pre-alpha in-game footage released at E3 2007 looked stunning, and I can’t wait to try it out when it’s done. 

Screen shot from the Pre Alpha E3 Release of Burnout Paradise

I am sure that no matter which way Criterion and EA decides that the Burnout evolutionary ladder will take in the next generation, it will be a terrific game, eagerly awaited by the loyal BurnoutAholics out there. As we have seen in this article, change is not to be feared, but embraced!



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Great article/blog thing. Keep it up, i like very, very much.
Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when its going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Nice write up. Very detailed. I think I learned something today, now I need to rest.

CAPS LOCK - Cruise control for AWESOME!!


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Everything you ever wanted to know. I agree that Criterion & EA's net effort is eagerly awaited but I just hope they keep up the effort and not sit back.