What is most important to you in a racing game?

The number of cars
11% (13 votes)
The number of tracks / size of play area
23% (28 votes)
It is quality not quantity that matters!
66% (80 votes)
Total votes: 121



ZombieTron's picture

I voted quality over quantity. I don't really see the point in having 100's of cars to choose from when there isn't a lot of difference between them.. or when lots are RUBBISH!! As I play on bumper cam as my preferred view I can't see the car anyway, so it's how it feels to drive that makes the difference for me. I find scrolling through the car list in Paradise is so tedious!

Playing field size matters a bit more, but again, it has to be good! No point having 50+ tracks or thousands of square miles to drive around if it bores you to tears. I think Burnout 3 has it about right, tracks that run both ways and with a nice variety of scenery. Revenge could always do with a couple more tracks, but the ones it has are all great IMO. Paradise's playing field could have been more interesting, and probably bigger too. I would have liked to see a large china town district to get that Asian feel of BO3 & Revenge, and snow up in the mountains.

zerojay's picture

I like having a lot of cars, but I just didn't feel like there was much of a reason for a lot of them. At this point, I've driven almost every car extensively and the one thing that always bugged me a slight bit is that once I would get an upgraded version of a car, I would almost never use the original version unless I just liked the skin on it. I think it would have been far more interesting if the difference between the original and upgraded cars were more pronounced. For example, instead of simply trading in some speed for boost, maybe having a few other differences such as reduced grip or far higher speed and lower boost.

A Chinatown style area would have been interesting from a gameplay standpoint.