Paradise..What Might Have Been...


Criterion Games have posted a new story on their website today, telling us about what might have been...

They sure had big plans for Paradise, even talking about giving us the moon!

Here is an excerpt of the article, showing what was discussed as possible DLC;

1. Planes. A lot of Burnout fans already know about this - as we showed flying around in a live podcast. It was really cool to be able to see Paradise City from the air. It did not happen because of the way the game world was built. The city was never meant to be seen from such viewpoints. Think of it like a film set, a very big film set - meant to be seen from certain camera angles and not others. 
2. Helicopters! Completely true. We wanted to have both Aerial Challenges and allow flying and driving players to work together. Players would be able to jump into containers swinging below hovering choppers. Even better, those hoops in the Airfield would have been able to be picked up by a heli and flown. That Freeburn Challenge involving jumping through a hoop would have been much more fun if a chopper was carrying it! 
3. The Moon! Again, completely true. Someone on the team said that 'players want the moon on a stick when it comes to DLC' We thought that was funny and thought we'd do it. The actual surface of the real Moon was modelled and it was drive-able. Lunar Challenges would have been totally unexpected - as would have been zero gravity Takedowns and Challenges. 
The idea was that we would have built a rocket pad on Big Surf. If you reached a certain Rank, or completed a number of specific challenges, you could drive there, press a button and the rocket would launch. Destination - Moon! (Now that would have beaten downloadable car liveries any day!)
4. Motorcycles Versus Cars - This one was always a moot point. Whilst we would love to do it (some of us are die-hard 'Road Rash' 3DO fans) - we thought it best to keep them separate. Mixing Burnout with Road Rash - or Burnout VERSUS Road Rash as we saw it would have led to pandemonium. A bit like dogs and cats living together. Although we remain 'ready to be believed' - it's clear that Cars could easily Takedown Bikes but Bikes can't really Takedown a Car - even with a length of chain...
5. Time Travel - Not many know about this, but it was discussed. On a certain day, a time portal would have opened on the Island. When you jumped through, you would have found yourself on Big Surf, at another point in history. Maybe the Wild could have done some Challenges and then jumped back. (At this point, even some hardened members of The Burnout Team thought this was 'going a bit too far.') 
6. Underground - This was once hinted at on our forum. The idea that you could drive down under the city - leading to fast underground tunnels and open areas for Challenges. 
7. Boats - This was never prototyped but was discussed. If we had built a series of Islands we would have wanted the player to be able to race to them - in Cars, Planes or even Boats. Hence a few jetties were built into Big Surf. This never went further than a quick discussion. Most likely left on the table for being far too sane. But 'Burnout on the Water' would have been a lot of fun indeed. We all know that boats can jump because we saw it in the film "Live And Let Die.'
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Wow! that would have been amazing...They were going a bit too far.. if they're not bothered to realease BSI for PC, i kinda doubt all of these ever being released. The game could have lasted for a long time though!

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The other bit of the article that caught my eye was about the series of Islands:

"We did have ambitious plans for a series of Islands. One was going to be purely off-road based. Hence we created the 'Dust Storm' dune buggy in anticipation for that. Our original dreams for Paradise were to create a series of Islands, all connected to Paradise City and each would focus on a different style of racing game. One Island was going to be completely circuit based - and be all marked up like a modern Formula One circuit!"

I was looking forward to a racing island, but I don't think I would have liked it if it was just one big F1 style track. I wonder how much work was done on this idea? If the islands had been mapped out at all, or if it was all just talk and concepts.

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 I agree this is fantastic....But would this be the Burnout as we know know it....? It would be a different game. I think, if all of these above is TRUE. Then they should go ahead and make a brand new game its-self. I think the "Underground" thing is cool. But anything else would make the game.... Well not Burnout to me anyway. I think they did a fantastic job on Paradise. I am just hoping they will stick with what they did with the "Open World" thing, and not go back to the "mission", or whatever, select type of thing. I think they should do more expansions like Big Surf... Just more. Like challenges, cars, races, etc. But this above... I don't think (In my opinion) would be Burnout. But some of these things are sweet. Just not for Burnout.