What is your Burnout Game of the Decade?

1% (10 votes)
Burnout 2: Point of Impact
3% (27 votes)
Burnout 3: Takedown
18% (150 votes)
Burnout Revenge
13% (106 votes)
Burnout Legends
0% (4 votes)
Burnout Dominator
1% (8 votes)
Burnout Paradise
64% (535 votes)
Total votes: 840



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CG tweeted a link to this story: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gamehunters/post/2010/01/games-of-the-decade-gamepros-john-davison/1

The writer says this about Burnout Paradise:

"Burnout Paradise  (2008). The whole Burnout franchise is worth mentioning, but Paradise is the pinnacle. I do love the "crash mode" in Burnout Revenge too, but I have to go with this one overall. What Criterion did to turn the genre on its ear was spectacular, and they nailed absolutely everything with this game; it was exciting, it felt just right, it was gorgeous, and they just kept adding more and more cool stuff to it to keep you playing and competing with friends."

If you are talking about the best Burnout game of the decade I would have to go with Burnout 3: Takedown! Now, that had everything you could want from a Burnout game, and enough to keep people playing online to this day... more than half a decade later!

What do you think the Burnout Game of the Decade is? and why??

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Revenge is the game for me.... But y'all knew that.  No other game, be it FPS, Strategy, Adventure, Puzzles or anything you could think of has kept me compelled enough to want to put an hour a day - at least - into it! Met, and raced with, most of the fastest racers from around the world, 'cept for the "elite" American youngsters.  Made so many friends - Aholics included - from racin' and being involved here, had 2 relationships through it (never again lol).  What keeps me coming back to it?  It has to be the speed. 

Feeling that scared sense of apprehension when you are thundering along at silly mph in last place or middle of the pack when someone with stupidly good skills is pulling you froward from 1st place, knowing you can still win if you stay relaxed and focused.  Jumping in a fast racers lobby that you have never met and when no-one else joins you can say "Any tracks you wanna beat your time on, I'll run ahead for you, one on one" and you race like that just because they know your name and you're not half bad lol TBH my heart doesn't race as much as it used to when racing, sometimes it's auto pilot, especially up front without the full boost potential.  But when you fill a lobby with top 1000 ranks it does make it more interesting, much more enjoyment from that!  The awful truth is I really really like Beer hahaha Never race without at least 3 beers in me, don't want to race otherwise and you can guarentee, if its busy out there, I won't step out until i've had 8-10 beers - usually fastest around 6 beers, bit muddled after that but still experience some lucky escapes and fast times when least expected!


Can fully understand why Burnout 3 will be the most popular game for some people, it DOES have everything, no checking traffic would have been a killer for me but I wasn't online then.  So my vote went to Revenge, for all the people I've met, all the silly tags people make - wouldn't it be ace if they reset the ranks and the times?! - and all the laughs I've had; had a geat time and i'm grateful so thanks!


--Don't Struggle like That or i'll only Love You More--

--Don't Struggle like That or i'll only Love You More--

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You just haven't met the right burner for you Ichi, she might still be out there!   I love that Burnout connects people on so many different levels, I have met Xandu, made lifelong friendships, and gone out for drunken meet ups with loads of Burnout mates.

I miss racing with Beer! and Xandu said today, that we can buy Kronenbourg here now... I miss Beer! It really does make a difference when playing online.

Revenge people are different from Takedown people, they are 2 different communities with a handful of shared members. I was playing MW2 with Dippy the other day, and he was reminiscing about the good old Burnout 3 days! The Burnout 3 experience has a golden glow of nostalgia, which I think might skew the votes a bit!

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well i bet you all guessed what one i voted for ...... and ill keep voting for it too ....... revenge ......such a sweet sweet spoken word ....... i love it

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Why are people voting for the worst Burnout game ever ? LOL... Pradise should not even be an option


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You are right Nightmare, but anyways... I think it is time for a new poll, as Paradise is the resounding winner of this one. All of you who voted and never played Burnout 3: Takedown on Xbox Live do not know what you missed.

I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Takedown on Xbox Live for the last time ever! I will be writing more about this later.

If anyone has any good poll suggestions let us know in the forums: http://www.burnoutaholics.com/?q=node/227