Ok, BP released a complete pack thingy(which I bought). And I'm wondering if this is a sign of the end of BP DLCs and updates? Is it really dead???

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Big Surf Island was the last DLC for Paradise, there will be no more.

Criterion Games are now working on an NFS title. I am really keen to find out what direction the game is going to take. Will it be NFS: Burnout or will it be a cop orientated NFS like most wanted, or a bit more real/simmy??? Will it be a track racer or a street racer? will it even be a racer??? maybe it will be a "driving" game!!!

Either way, Paradise is done.

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 Such a shame - still seems to be an active online presence and there's always plenty of people to join in the co-op challenges. I'd have loved to see another Island or maybe open up the other side of the mountain range. Oh well, NFS it is ;)

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Ok so BP is  not being supported anymore... but it doesnt mean the end of Burnout. Theres been so many successful predecessors and paradise was so popular it would be strange for them to ignore the franchise completely. its possible after NFS they will return to Burnout with new ideas that will surprise us all.

brokengearbox... yet still competing!

brokengearbox... yet still competing!