Having tried the demos will you buy Split/Second or Blur?

15% (49 votes)
26% (86 votes)
20% (64 votes)
19% (63 votes)
I haven't tried them
14% (47 votes)
I will rent them first
6% (18 votes)
Total votes: 327



Cube's picture

 From the beta/demo of Blur I wasn't keen on it. However, one thing I really did like was how the power-ups were the same each time. Unfortunately, it's no longer the case. It also has no sense of speed (although I didn't notice until after playing the Split/Second demo).

Split/Second is just pure fun. It feels a bit like the old Burnouts (1-3) but is suitably different at the same time. 

ZombieTron's picture

but I will still get them both. I think both will be good offline games... not necessarily great, but good enough for me to want to play them, and I think I might even complete them both too!!! Although I thought that about Pure, Midnight Club and Wheelman.. and Crash Time too, all of which are still very uncompleted!!!

I didn't play blur again when they changed the pick ups, although Xandu played and commented that the pick ups were in different places. I haven't looked at the beta feedback forum for a while either, so not sure what the outcomes were from that... might head over there now to have a read.

Anyway... I think both will be good, and depending on how good they are online will really tip the balance between them. It will be interesting to see how well these two closed track racers do. We haven't seen games like these for a long time. I will definitely be watching both games with interest to see if they can develop online communities that last like the Burnout series did.

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I'm deeply in love with Split/Second. Even though I would prefer Burnout 3 anyday this game gives me that feel and somewhat of an adrenaline rush I got from the intense B3 online races I've had a long time ago.

Blur to me wasnt that great. I didnt play it but I watched a friend play it and it was enough to tell me it wasnt good.

I'm hoping to see some familiar faces online on Split/Second.