What Criterion should do for their next Burnout game.

- Eliminator mode in Versus and Online. I don't know why they haven't put it in their games yet, since Eliminator would be a great add-on for multiplayer.

- Forced matchmaking in Online. It's not fun when people can pick and choose who they want to race against.

- Optional traffic checking. Sometimes people just want the feel of Takedown with the graphics of Paradise. I'm pretty sure everyone will agree with me on this. Traffic checking is fun, yes, but damn it gets old.

- Restart in open world. Open world is a touchy subject, since half the burners love it and half hate it, but I think a restart function in a race will do good for a lot of people. Open world is awesome, but screw that if I have to keep having to drive back to the starting point.

- Have 'walls' when racing. It's not fun having to rely on the map to avoid getting lost during a race.

- With walls during a race, they should bring back lap races. Lap races are very intense, imo, especially when in the last laps and you're nose to nose with a Rival.

- No Showtime mode and bring back Crash mode. No explanation necessary.

- I once read an article during the development of Paradise where Criterion was going to implement a sort of crash where, if your car gets T-boned by a semi, it would literally be severed in half. Awesome.


If Criterion doesn't do this, then do you think, in the future, someone can buy th license for Burnout games and do them? Because that may be one of the goals in my life. :D

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I hope for a track based Burnout again as IMO track racing is what Burnout is. Open World might make a good game, but for me it's just not Burnout. You don't get the same close racing intensity as there is no rubber banding amongst other issues.

I am a big fan of Traffic checking, so I would like to see it back in it's full Burnout Revenge glory. I know there are quite a lot of Burnout fans who just want a Revenge 2 without much being changed except for all new and more tracks.. I am one of them!! Although having a Takedown 2 would be totally awesome too... or at least having Road Rage from Takedown in a Revenge style game!

I totally disagree with your forced matchmaking tho, as being able to control the lobby as a host is something that made Burnout a great social experience. (I recently blogged about this in "Lobbies, Hosts and Party Chat")

There is a restart option in Paradise now, it was in one of the last updates, so that was fixed. Personally I didn't need a restart as if I failed an event I just did another one instead and rarely drove back to the redo a race. At least not until my last license anyway.

Eliminator mode is cool offline, but I'm not sure how good it is as an online mode. It's not much fun if you get eliminated first and then just have to wait for everybody else to finish the event. The developers would need to make it fun for the eliminated players to make it worth doing.

Showtime isn't as good as crash mode, but it does have it's fans. I don't see why they can't have both modes?? Bringing Crash mode back is vital to make it a fully fledged Burnout game.

I really hope there will be another Burnout one day, as long as it is Burnout and not Paradise or some other game that just has Burnout in the title!

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 People. Quite simply I'd like the option to mow down people if I choose to - also if I crash a bike why on earth do I not get to see the accident? I'm sure it's a rating thing and understandable as such - just annoying. Carmageddon style if possible ;) I love the open world style but that may just be due to the fact that Paradise is the first Burnout game I've owned.

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id love to see a cross between burnout paradise and carmageddon. best of both worlds.

brokengearbox... yet still competing!

brokengearbox... yet still competing!

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I've got Revenge, so this might not apply to any newer games(I know Paradise isn't like this) but I hate the fact that the Crash cars are un racable. They need to fix that if its still a somewhat feature. But then I was spoiled with B3.

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 Here are some answers from our thinking at the time, or at least what I can remember/....

1. Eliminator - to us it just doesn't work as an Online mode. The Eliminated just quits the game. Hence we never did it.

2. Forced Matchmaking - our vibe was always about letting people do what they want online.

3. Traffic checking - this was just something we put in for fun during Revenge. We're glad people love the game, we liked it, but not as much as Takedown. The team was too big, we were very behind and we don't look back as it so fondly. A very difficult game to make. We think we made a fun and silly mode.

4. Restart - we added this back. It was in for ages, then it was out. It was a game about exploration, trying new things rather than a fixed linear path. Turned into a holy war for some folks, but to us it was no big deal either way.

5. Big shining arrows just felt really fake in the game. The problem was that the game world was built and designed before we ever settled down on what the game should be. We were lucky it worked as well as it did really. A lot of stuff in there for the hell of it.

6. Crash Mode was deliberately not put in as the intention was to make it as a stand alone game. Which we should do sometime, if we ever got around to it.

7. T-boning. Yes that was always going to be the idea. But moving onto the new hardware and starting everything again from complete scratch - literally - from learning how to draw a triangle on the screen - was just hard work. Getting the game in memory and running at 60fps was a lot of work too. Our concept work was unrealistic when we think back. Just like most other teams then...

8. There isn't a 'license' for Burnout. It's something we created ourselves.

9. And as for seafood, it's because one of our programmers is nicknamed 'the lobster.' We believe that our games should reflect the people and personalities who make them. Hang on, no-one asked that did they?

I do occasionally come and read the site to see what you all talk about. Hard to read sometimes as often it does come across that so many of you so feel so "wronged" in some way that we haven't just made exact sequels to B3 or Revenge. Also, many of you seem to think that we're the enemy somehow. And we're not really. A lot of talented people have really worked hard to make these games. Dedication, passion, and a drive to succeed whatever the odds are what made each and every Burnout game special. We hope you treasure them as much as we do.


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That was good read.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Revenge Takedown - After a rival takes you down, the rival's car can be highlighted in the Game, so that we can chase and take him down as a revenge and special Boost / Achievement can be obtained.

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 I, for one, love burnout paradise. But revenge is awesome too. I think Criterion should make a game that combines open driving and intense track racing. Also, I completely agree to bring back crash mode, it is far better than showtime.