what the heck??? someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so my game tells me that I am 99% done, and I've unlocked all of the cars, got all gold medal, and all of everything. I have 9,995 dominator points. What do I still have to do, and what is worth 5 points, if 10,000 points is the maximum. Please help me.

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Personally I have not completed Burnout Dominator 100%, but I have contacted one of our members that have completed the game 100% and he will have a look at your question.

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As far as I can remember (this was a long time ago), there wasn't anything special you needed to do to complete the game 100%, but you needed gold in every event, and needed all the trophies (or what they were called) unlocked.

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wait, i have an update, i have 9,950 points, but I have still unlocked everything, all the cars, shortcuts, etc, and i have all the gold medals. Also, I have all of the trophies won. A silver medal is worth 50 points, how does that make any sense? Could this be a glitch?

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 What Console are you on? If it;s Xbox get yourself on 360achievements.org or similar and make sure you've done them all.



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Burnout Dominator was a PS only game, I don't think it will make a difference if you play on PSP or PS2. I have no idea why you are still missing a %. We have Dominator on PSP, but I really don't like handheld gaming so have massively underplayed it... doesn't help that it has about a dozen versions of Avril Lavignes Girlfriend on the soundtrack either!

It could be a glitch I guess, as long as you know you have done everything you can, I guess you should try not to worry about it too much!

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Same thing has happened to me.