What do you think/hope Criterion Games are working on now?

4% (9 votes)
Burnout Paradise 2
51% (121 votes)
Black 2
5% (11 votes)
A New NFS Title
1% (2 votes)
A New Burnout Title
34% (82 votes)
Something Completely Different
6% (14 votes)
Total votes: 239



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There are 3 new DLC packs coming soon for NFS:HP including new game modes, new events and new cars.

Each pack will cost 560 MS points, so if you want them all it's quite a lot of points!

Here are the details as taken from Criterion Games website:

Armed and Dangerous - out 22nd Feb.

Armed and Dangerous brings you two all-new game modes - "Most Wanted" is an open world battle where the cops are out to bust a specific racer whilst the racers battle to protect them.  Use the open world, weapons and team tactics to win.  "Arms Race" is free-for-all racing with all weapons active. Get three new achievements and trophies.  Get it for $6.99 or €6.99 (560 Microsoft Points) on the PlayStation®Network or Xbox LIVE™ Marketplace.

Lamborghini Untamed - out 1st March.

Lamborghini Untamed adds Cop and Racer versions of the legendary Lamborghini Diablo, Countach and Sesto Elemento.  We've got 10 new events and 4 new achievements and trophies. Get it for $6.99 or €6.99 on the PlayStation Network or 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Porsche Unleashed - out 8th March.

Porsche Unleashed brings you yet more Porsche love - the classic '82 Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 959 and 911 Speedster.  Check out 10 new events and 4 new trophies and achievements. Get it for $6.99 or €6.99 on the PlayStation Network or 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.



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we need another Burnout that is also different from all the ones already out but have some things that are the same like drift jumping!!! hahaha

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)

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I would love to see a Burnout game that actually incorporates drift jumping. Maybe even giving an Achievement or two so that our Awesome Burnout skills are recognised in our gamerscores.

I do wonder what Burnout: Crash will be like, if it will be recognisable as a Burnout game for those of us who have been Burner's since day one.

No More Paradise! I couldn't agree more!!

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I think the best thing we can wish for right now is that the city is an open world, so we can still sort of drive around ourselves. Crash only still sounds somewhat boring.

Burnout: Drift. It could be fun if it was all about drift jumping and pure speed, it wouldn't be if they made drift events like in need for speed. Lets just hope either burnout crash turns out to be really good or a temporary snack.