After that last 'chievo....still!

I am done with Peggle, except for one last task.... clearing every single level of ALL pegs!

It's not easy. It's not close to easy. It has to be the most difficult task in video gaming history.

You have to be lucky, you have to have your green pegs in fortunate places, you have to pick the right character for the situation.... and you have to have the skills!

One of the main reasons why I don't play Revenge so much, is because I am addicted to Peggle! laugh

Anyone got any great Peggle tips on clearing the whole board? I still have about 20 boards to clear for the Achievement, and then I might work on clearing the nights boards too!

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Im not sure it is the most difficult task... Surely getting a 24x multiplier in Poker Smash is more difficult? smiley

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I forgot about the 24x 'chievo in Pokersmash.... on a side note, should we make a Pokersmash forum too? wink

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I have it on the PC so no achievements but that is the last remaining challenge for me too. On the PC you can actually point the mouse at the part of the first peg you want to hit so it might be easier than using a gamepad.

I  like using the magic hat but that adds even more layers of chance to it, leaving a couple of pegs alone and gling for the rest to build up a multiplyer of at least 5x then you should be able to get some free balls to help. My picking them off one at a time near the end usually involves aiming to a left peg so the ball bounces over to the right and lands in the bucket, withthe mouse it's easy to get the shot right.

The ones I am stuck on are the ones where there are mass seperations of pegs.

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